How To Mute & Send Messages To A User During A WhatsApp Group Call

WhatsApp recently rolled out the ability for users to mute and message specific participants in a group conversation. Here’s how to do both.

whatsapp updated the group calling feature with the ability to mute and message individual people. Earlier this year, WhatsApp rolled out a redesigned calling screen that arranges participants’ names across the screen during group conversations or the user’s profile picture during one-on-one conversations. Since then, the platform has not launched any features that really take advantage of the new interface.

Meta’s messaging app also recently released a new privacy setting called “My Contacts Except” that allows users to hide their profile picture, last seen, and status updates from specific contacts. Once set up and up and running, it can be a great way to gain more control over who can and cannot view a WhatsApp profile.


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In June, WhatsApp announced that it adds new features to group conversations, including the ability to mute and message specific users. In the past, the ability for administrators or users to control audio from other participants and/or send private messages was mostly left to video collaboration platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams. With the latest change, WhatsApp users now get similar capabilities making it possible to mute a conversation participant in a noisy environment or send messages to other participants without leaving the group calling interface.

Mute and message users of WhatsApp group calls

Mute specific users on WhatsApp
Image: Will Cathcart/Twitter

Will Cathcart, the head of WhatsApp at Meta shared a screenshot of the feature in action. The image shows the new WhatsApp group calling interface including the names of participants in separate cards on the screen. During the call, an administrator can tap and hold a user’s name and select ‘Mute’ [name of participant]† This will mute the selected user and notify you of the change. To unmute, the muted user must tap the crossed microphone icon at the bottom of the group calling interface. It’s worth noting that anyone in the group can mute others, as it’s not limited to just the person who started the conversation. If a user wants to send a message to someone during a group conversation, they can do so by tapping and holding their name and selecting the ‘Message [name of participant]’ option instead of the mute option.

For reference, there was also another change with the update. Now if the whole screen is occupied with the names of participants and someone else joins the conversation, WhatsApp will notify you about the lack of a profile icon on the screen. These three features should not only help users manage better whatsapp group discussions, but also encourage more use of the platform for professional purposes.

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Source: whatsappWill Cathcart/Twitter

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