How to play Bloodborne on PC

There are rumors that Bloodborne is coming to PC, but no official announcement of a PC port will let players find other mods.

While there’s no word on whether the popular FromSoftware Inc. title will ever get a remastered version for PC, players have learned that they can still play the game on their PC using a PlayStation service.

It does not require an emulator or any kind of unlicensed software. PlayStation 4 exclusive is playable on PC via the PS Now service and has been since it was added to the PS Now library in 2018.

How to use PS Now to play Bloodborne on PC

PS Now via PS Plus is the only way to get the game on PC (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)
PS Now via PS Plus is the only way to get the game on PC (Image via FromSoftware Inc.)

Several FromSoftware games got the PC treatment, such as the Dark Souls series, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and the company’s most recent title, Elden Ring.

For a long time, fans haven’t seen a reason why Bloodborne shouldn’t come to PC. There is a chance it will come in the future, but nothing has been officially announced at this point.

Dang, so now Last of Us is getting an upgraded version that’s also coming to PC? That’s cool and all, but we’re really going to get to a point where Bloodborne is the only major PS exclusive not on PC, aren’t we?

It has players looking for a different way to experience the game on PC as more and more players are switching to this style of gaming with consoles coming a close second.

PS Now allows players to get into Bloodborne on their PC without having to buy a console. If a PlayStation 4 or a PS5 with its new backlog isn’t an available option, they can still get PS Now.

PS Now is no longer a standalone subscription service. It has kept its name in regards to what it offers but has been merged with the different tiers of the PlayStation Plus service.

Here’s how to get PS Plus access to PS Now and play Bloodborne on PC:

  • Buy a PS Plus Premium subscription ($17.99/month)
  • This enables cloud streaming/save from the PS Plus game and classic catalogs
  • Visit the PlayStation Plus app download page
  • Install the app and any drivers by following the prompts
  • Open the app and log in to the account associated with the PS Plus subscription
  • Players can browse with a controller or keyboard and mouse, but need a compatible controller to play titles
  • Search for Bloodborne, select it and start streaming it to PC

It is very easy to play the game on PC. There are only a few drawbacks, but they need to be addressed for players who may be on the fence.

A stable internet connection is required as the game is streamed and not played directly from the PC. The better the connection, the better the game will run, and vice versa in terms of a bad connection.

@yckygrl @0ddoblivion Apparently you can stream PlayStation games, including Bloodborne on PC, via PS Now, which I just discovered. Huge if true.

This is a subscription service that charges a monthly fee. If this is the only game that players want to use, then they should keep in mind that they are only paying for one game each month.

Otherwise, they should definitely try out some of the other games on PS Now via PS Plus. Keep in mind that players will not own Bloodborne through this method, so it will be gone if the subscription ever expires.

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