How to unlock Master Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Master Arts are combat abilities that can deal heavy damage to opponents in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (XC3). Arts is usually assigned to the specific class a character belongs to, and Master Arts can be selected and used in combat, even if the player has changed his hero’s class after his first decision.

Any party member can use Master Arts they have learned. Once a full party is obtained on the Hillside Hulk mission, Master Arts will become available to use.

How to Access Master Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

The Feronnis Hulk must be rebooted to unlock Master Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image via Nintendo)
The Feronnis Hulk must be rebooted to unlock Master Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 (Image via Nintendo)

Players must work their way through the first chapter of the XC3 story. Chapter 2 is where Master Arts can be unlocked. The default mission known as Hillside Hulk will grant the ability.

The mission is given to players so that they can form a full party for the first time. After it’s completed, a cutscene will play, indicating that each party member can switch classes and use Master Arts skills in battle.

How To Complete Hillside Hulk

Hillside Hulk requires players to reboot a Feronnis Hulk. Quest markers are provided, making it an easy-to-follow objective, but players will need to do more than just reach a marked location to finish the mission.

Here’s what players need to do to complete Hillside Hulk:

  • After receiving the mission, head south and follow the quest marker.
  • On arrival, defeat the five Nestrand Crustips at the Feronnis Hulk.
  • Climb onto the Ferronis Hulk and interact with the machine.
  • Collect Ether from the marked Ether channels and defeat enemies along the way.
  • With enough Ether, go back to the Feronnis Hulk and use the Ether to reboot him.
  • Open the containers to get some items and interact with the Fabricator to complete Hillside Hulk.

A hint box will open and Xenoblade Chronicles 3 players will be told how to change a character’s class and access the Master Arts available to each group member.

How to use Master Arts in Xenoblade Chronicles 3

Xenoblade Chronicles 3 has a gameplay system similar to Final Fantasy V. Once you master a class and move to a new one, you can keep art from that class to use with your new one. That unlocks fusion arts, which let you use two arts from different classes at the same time!

Combat battles earn players Class Points. Class points can be used to increase the mastery level of the class they are using. When this level reaches a certain point, the special Master Arts attack for that class becomes available.

Three Master Arts are available per character, but the second and third are locked to level 20 and level 40, respectively. They can all be used when a class that includes the Master Art is not equipped.

I’m starting to get used to the combat in Xenoblade Chronicles 3 and start unlocking its depth. Being able to switch characters in flight, change their class, use combos in art in fusion art in master art… It’s SO good. 中中中#XenobladeChronicles3

The skills are activated by using the directional pad and can be viewed during combat with a new menu in the bottom left corner. It’s a great way for players to build custom classes to suit their playstyle.

An important thing to note is that Master Arts will be performed with the weapon belonging to the class the Art comes from. The ability will also use that weapon’s stats when attacking.

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