How to use rank transfer

Gear and equipment are the most important things in Diablo Immortal and ultimately determine how good a player’s character is at the game. There’s no shortage of options, and things like Legendary Gems make this gear even better. While better gear comes later in the game, players have the option to not worry about investing in less rare gear early in the game.

There has been a bit of controversy surrounding Diablo Immortal and the system it contains when it comes to types of equipment and gear. Many believe that the way Legendary gear is acquired and used discriminates against non-spenders in the game. However, players can at least find some solace with the rank transfer system. If it weren’t for the system, it would have been a major headache to improve a device.

Rank transfer in Diablo Immortal is easy, but has some limitations

Like many things in the game, the gear also comes in different rarities. For those above magical rarity, Diablo Immortal allows players to upgrade them. Each upgrade adds one rank to the equipment. While the rare ones can get up to five ranks, legendary ones can get up to 20.

However, it is becoming common for certain equipment to become unusable for a player after a point. The rank transfer system allows players to save a lot of resources. The rank transfer system is free to use and it is very simple.

When a player replaces one piece of equipment with another in his inventory, the game asks him if he wants to transfer ranks. If the player chooses yes, the rank of the older gear is transferred to the new one. This requires no additional resources or gold.

The rank transfer system is extremely useful, as improving the characters in Diablo Immortal can be a costly affair. Legendary gems, arguably the most valuable item in the game, only come with real money purchases and can cost players a fortune.

While the rank transfer system may not make the characters as powerful, it is still an effective way for players to save a lot of resources. Furthermore, the bank transfer can also be done with the help of a blacksmith, and it also costs nothing. That’s why it’s a great way for players to upgrade their direct gear and then replace it when they have better ones.

As good as the system is, there are certain limitations in Diablo Immortal’s rank transfer system. For starters, the system works between the same rarities. As mentioned above, rare items have a lower max rank than legendary items. Therefore, if a player wants to replace a Legendary item with a better rare item, the ranks will not be transferable.

Rank transfers also only work between similar items. If a player wants to transfer the rank of one helmet, he will have to do so on another helmet. This makes the system a bit restrictive as players may not be in such a situation. However, the system is quite simple and a blessing in general in Diablo Immortal.

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