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HYDERABAD: Not just Covid-19, dengue cases are rising rapidly in Hyderabad, say doctors pointing to dengue clusters spreading across the city. The hotspots: hostels and paying guest houses in areas such as Madhapur, Kothaguda, Kukatpally, ManikondaBanjara Hills and Mehdipatnam among others.
Doctors say that in many of these hostels, at least five or six people have tested positive for dengue at the same time — in some cases, even severe dengue. “The reason hostels and PGs have become dengue clusters is because many of these have 24-hour lighting and even air conditioning (in more expensive PGs)—both are conducive to mosquito breeding. larger by an infected mosquito,” says Dr. Rahul Agarwal, advisory physician, care hospitals.

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A patient is identified as suffering from severe dengue when he/she suffers from sudden high fever, body aches, red spots and stomach problems.
“We are getting multiple cases of severe dengue. Because it can cause damage to multiple organs and even lead to death, so is the number of hospital admissions. In many cases, more than one family member is found to have dengue,” said Dr Hari Kishan Booruguphysician consultant and diabetologist, Yashoda Hospitals
He said that with people now returning to work, socializing, traveling, etc., their susceptibility to mosquito bites has increased. “Therefore, the dengue infection is on the rise… We are concerned about a further increase in the number of cases in the coming months,” added Dr Boorugu.
According to official figures, nearly 600 cases of dengue have been recorded in the state since early 2022. “We have seen a peak of 5% to 6% in GHMC area, while in other districts there have been few cases. If the weather and environment are conducive to ‘aedes aegypti’ mosquitoes to breed – between 22 and 25 degrees Celsius – along with water stagnation, cases of dengue fever will increase further,” reiterated Dr. Amar Singh, Additional Director and Program Officer of the state. , National Center for Vector-Borne Diseases Control Dr. Singh appealed to people to ensure there is no standing water in and around their homes.

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