Hypertension, prostate cancer, and other tests that are a must for men over 40

June is considered International Men’s Health Month, prompting men around the world to prioritize their health and look for signs and symptoms of health problems that can be corrected before they become serious.

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After a certain age, regular health checks are a must for both men and women, and Dr. Niti Raizada, director of medical oncology and hemato-oncology at Fortis Group of Hospitals, Richmond Road Bangalore says men over 40 should approach their health in a specific way.

This includes going for tests, and one of them is a regular blood pressure to check. “More than 80 percent of people with hypertension have no symptoms and the only way to find out is through evaluation. Heart evaluation includes cholesterol levels and if there is an imbalance it needs to be corrected before it causes atheromatous plaques in the arteries to the heart , the brain, the limbs, etc.”, the doctor explains.

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She adds that a treadmill stress test is recommended to assess physical fitness, which is critical for longevity and an indication of impending myocardial ischemia. “However, since the sensitivity of this test is about 70 percent, more advanced tests such as cardiac CT evaluation are recommended.”

The next thing would be to evaluate the pre-diabetic condition. “This will help determine if the person has the metabolic syndrome and lifestyle course correction will need to be applied immediately to prevent future conditions,” says Dr. raizada.

According to her, the next set of evaluations relates to cancer. In this, prostate cancer tops the list, and serum PSA is the baseline test. lung cancer by chest X-ray, colorectal cancer by annual stool examination for occult blood and sigmoidoscopy/colonoscopy once every 3-5 years as indicated. “Screening for testicular cancer is done with ultrasound examination of the scrotum. Genetic testing for various hereditary conditions and cancers is now possible and a person only needs to undergo it once to evaluate risks.”

International Men's Health Month, men's health, tests for men, men's health, health checks for men after 40, healthy living men, cancer evaluation for men, heart health men, indian express news A proper diet/nutrition plan as part of the evaluation for men aged 40 and older to prevent obesity. (Photo: Getty/Thinkstock)

Tests should also be done for osteoporosis or bone weakening, she says, adding that vitamin D is important for calcium absorption and deposition in the bones, and if this has decreased, it should be corrected.

The doctor mentions hormone testing, but one that isn’t limited to the thyroid. “It must contain testosterone for hypogonadism, which affects nearly a third of men over 40. Check for levels of vitamin B12 and serum ferritin for hemoglobin quality. Normal hemoglobin levels will allow physical activity without shortness of breath.”

Other tests to do

* Infectious disease screening for sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV, syphillis, chlamydia; diseases such as hepatitis C, B.
* Exclude tuberculosis, which is common in immunocompromised patients.
* Viral markers for Covid and its effects (long Covid) are part of the mandatory testing.
* Dental check, oral hygiene.
* Ophthalmic evaluation.
* Preventive screening includes immunization plan for annual flu shots, pneumococcal pneumonia prevention, Covid booster, diphtheria tetanus, herpes zoster/shingles.
* Obesity: A good diet/nutrition plan as part of the evaluation for men 40 years and older.

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