hyundai: Tata Motors inches closer to Hyundai for the number 2 spot in the Indian car market

The race for the No. 2 position in the highly competitive Indian passenger car market is getting more and more exciting.

Strong market demand and relatively better semiconductor sourcing is helping

inches closer to Hyundai Motor India for the No. 2 position in the highly competitive Indian passenger car market.

Tata Motors, which posted its highest monthly sales ever at 43341 units, overtook Hyundai Motor India in monthly sales in May with 42293 units. This is the second time in the past six months that Tata Motors has overtaken the South Korean rival.

The maneuver that helped Tata Motors stay ahead of Hyundai was also due to Hyundai shutting down maintenance during the month. The maker of Creta and Venue is expected to recoup lost production in June and July — with improved semiconductor supplies expected, experts say.

In cumulative sales for the calendar year 2022, Tata Motors is approximately 10,000 to 11,000 units behind Hyundai Motor India. From January to May, Hyundai Motor India has sold 218966 units while Tata Motors has 207979 units.

Tata Motors said in a statement that the company has achieved its highest-ever monthly sales of 43,341 units since its inception – PV and EV domestically combined. This was also the highest monthly sales ever for Nexon and also for Harrier and Safari.

While Tata Motors grew more than 50-60%, Hyundai Motor India saw its sales decline by 10-15% due to challenges in semiconductor chip availability.

“Both HMI plants in Chennai observed the planned biannual shutdown of maintenance, which resulted in no production for 6 days in the month (May 16 to May 21). This reduced vehicle availability during the month, impacting May sales figures (both domestic and export),” Hyundai Motor India said in a statement.

Experts say it will be difficult for Tata Motors to sustain performance in the coming months, especially in light of increasing competition.

Hyundai Motor India Launches the Facelifted Venue and Major Product Promotion is underway

in the coming quarters, which will focus on Nexon’s core model, which may be

Gaurav Vangaal, associate director of S&P Mobility said: “It will be difficult for Tata Motors to keep up the pace, especially in light of new model introductions by the top two automakers. So far both

and Hyundai were hit hard by the chip shortage, it is expected that after June there will be not only increased chip availability, but also new models for both Maruti and Hyundai, including facelifts, which will present a headwind to demand for Tata Motors. ”

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