Hyundai Venue Booking: Hyundai opens booking for new ‘Venue’

Hyundai Motor India said Friday it has started booking the new version of its compact SUV Venue, which will hit the market later this month. Customers can book the new model from the company’s dealers by paying Rs 21,000. It can also be booked online.

“Venue has had tremendous success in India since its launch in 2019. Customers across the country are raving about its futuristic design, advanced technology and powerful performance. With the new Venue, we will raise the bar even higher,” said Hyundai. . Motor India Director (Sales, Marketing & Service) Tarun Garg said in a statement.

The model will have many firsts in segment technologies that deliver an unparalleled experience, he added.

“We are confident that the new model will build on the brand’s strong legacy and enhance Hyundai SUV Life for unparalleled customer enjoyment,” said Garg.

The new location offers customers improved connectivity and allows them to control vehicle functions from the comfort of their home, the automaker said.


Customers can control multiple functions while checking vehicle status via Home-to-Car (H2C) with Alexa and Google Voice Assistant, it added.

The functions can be operated with voice support in English and Hindi.

With H2C, customers can control functions such as remote climate control, remote door lock/unlock, remote vehicle status, among others.

The model, which would be available in up to five variants with multiple powertrain options, also has multiple drive modes and a two-step adjustable rear seat.

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