I see long-term future for Formula E in India: Co-founder Alberto Longo

Formula E co-founder Alberto Longo sees a long-term future for the all-electric world championship race in India and radiated confidence that the bureaucratic hurdles and tax issues that had pushed Formula 1 out of the country will not affect their plans since then. screw it up. they’ve done enough “homework” to get that done.

Londo also said the series may find it difficult to achieve Formula 1’s popularity, but it is already more relevant.

Speaking to PTI on the sidelines of the first-ever Formula E race in Jakarta, Longo sounded full of confidence to head to Hyderabad next year.

India’s first-ever electric race is expected to take place on February 11.

“India is a huge market for us, a tier 1 market for us. You don’t know what the future will bring, but the plan is to stay there for a long time. It won’t be a 20-year contract to go with It would be a medium term deal and hopefully we extend it for four or five years.”

Formula 1 came to India in 2011, but was only able to survive for three seasons due to the promoter’s financial health and tax problems. The red tape can also prove to be a hurdle in India, with organizers dealing with both the state and central government.

“Those issues were more tax related. We have very good tax advisors, we know the challenges, we know the potential risks and obligations we have. We have done our homework on that area. If everything goes according to plan, I see a long-term future for us in India,” said Longo.

Formula E may not enjoy F1’s popularity, but it is more relevant’

Formula E has grown tremendously since its debut season in 2014. It is home to major automakers including Mahindra, Porsche, Jaguar, Nissan and Mercedes.

“It’s important to remember why we started. The idea was to create a platform to promote electric mobility. In that sense, the mission never ends,” said Londo.

Of the constant comparisons with F1, he said: “I am a big fan of Formula 1 myself. I was involved in the sport. But I also learned what I would not take from F1 if I ever became a promoter.”

“I have all my respect for what they do, but we don’t compete with them. It’s a great race championship, but we race with a purpose. It’s much more than a race championship.”

Can Formula E ever surpass Formula?

“I think they can co-exist. The reality is that by 2030-2035 most of the world will ban internal combustion engine cars. The world has gone electric and we are the only single-seater platform of all-electric cars out there and we only get bigger.

“But will that be enough to overtake F1, it doesn’t worry us today, but eventually it could happen. But it is certainly more relevant than F1 and any other championship.

“What our manufacturers do directly affects road cars. That hasn’t happened in motorsport in many years.”

Honor to have Mahindra Racing since Season 1

“It was an honor to have them. What I appreciate most about them is their loyalty. I remember visiting Anand Mahindra and Dilbagh Gill (CEO) in 2013. They immediately said yes. We had no idea at the time. They just believed in the idea. Thanks to Mahindra, we were able to go to other manufacturers to join us. They’ve been a huge help,” Longo said.

He decided to talk to about his long-term plans for Asia.

“The only reason we don’t race much in Asia is because of Covid. Our goal is to divide the world into three mega geographic zones — Americas, Europe and Asia.

“Asia is an important market for us and we are proving it by coming here to Jakarta, hopefully to India and China once Covid is over. We want to race in Asia’s five biggest cities,” he said. PTI BS AT AT

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