If you spot the odd lioness before 4 minutes you are a Genius!

Optical Illusion Test: Find the Strange Lioness Optical illusions make people lose their minds and day by day the challenges become more difficult. Some optical illusion tests are brain teasers that not only poke your brain, but also want to squeeze you. Check out the optical illusion photo below and find the lioness that doesn’t match the other within 4 minutes. You could become the first in the world to do this and be an established genius.

This optical illusion image given below will challenge every nerve of your precious brain to recognize the strange lioness in the pride.

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Optical Illusion: Image



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The photo above shows many lionesses in the pride all dressed as footballers. They are all in football shirts.

The photo was uploaded by Casumo and is a challenge for football fans around the world eagerly awaiting the winner of Euro 2022.

There are 43 lionesses in this image below and you have the formidable task of finding the strange one. The biggest hint is that the strange lioness should be judged by her appearance and features. Don’t go looking for them based on props they carry, because that’s not the answer.


Also, an average person takes almost 5 minutes to spot the strange lioness, while a genius, as we expect, would do 4 minutes or less.

How do we say that? The shortest time it took someone was 4.15 minutes and that person was considered a high IQ person.

We hope you have now found the strange lioness. Congratulations to all the geniuses of the world.

Haven’t you found the strange lioness yet? Don’t worry, we’re here with the hints.

Optical Illusion IQ Test: Tips

The first hint is that the lioness is not in the top rows. Look at the photo again.


The color combination is the key to finding the strange lioness. No woman likes to dress like the other. Many cannot stay in the same room if another has the same dress as her.

Still, if you haven’t found the lioness, here’s your key. Look at the image below to find the answer. It was an orange lioness in an orange sweater. Oh! Was she a spy for the other team? We’re glad you found her.


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