Indian Game Indus Battle Royale New Gameplay and Map Details Revealed

Indus SuperGaming

SuperGaming recently released a new installment of “Inside Indus”, a series that sheds light on the development of the highly anticipated battle royale game for mobile, PC and consoles.

The latest installment of the series sheds light on various aspects of the game, most notably “Indo-Futurism”, the concept not only defining the core aesthetic, but also the underlying philosophy and principles behind the game. The footage shown in the latest installment covers not only the setting and background for Indus, but also certain gameplay details and key areas of the game map.

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SuperGaming Releases New Episode Of “Inside Indus”, Shows Off New Gameplay And Map

The video begins with the player character Mythwalker appearing on the map, Virlok. The map’s aesthetics are inspired by a concept called “Indo-Futurism”, which explores the fate of the Indus Valley civilization several hundred years in the future as a space-faring civilization.

Small gameplay footage was also revealed showing the game in action and the types of weapons players will have at their disposal. Key areas of the map were also revealed, such as Jatayu Central, which gives players an idea of ​​how extensive and detailed the map will be.

Indus SuperGaming

In addition to gameplay, there were also hints of Indian references in the game, including a “Nimbu-Mirchi” weapon charm that players can attach and customize to their weapon. It’ll be interesting to see how deep the weapon customization system will be in the game, and it’s an indication that there are probably even more charms for players to use.

Developed by SuperGaming, a studio in Pune, the game is a free-to-play battle royale game currently released in 2022 for mobile, PC and console. Fans will likely get to see more of the game in the coming months ahead of release, and hopefully a release date soon too.

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