India’s population likely to shrink by 41 crores by 2100: Report

According to a Stanford study, India’s population is estimated to shrink by 41 crore in the next 78 years. According to the Worldometer elaboration of the latest United Nations data, the current Indian population of India is 1.52 billion.

According to the report, India’s population density is likely to decline to 335 persons per km² by 2100, and the decline is predicted to be greater than what is expected for the entire world. Currently, India has an average of 476 people per square kilometer.

Citing the reason for the decline in the population density projection, the latest United Nations Population Division report says India’s estimates of population decline over the period could lead to this scenario.

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Not only India, countries like China and the US are also expected to witness a similar trend. The report claims that China’s population could shrink by an astonishing 93.2 crore to just 49.4 crore by the year 2100.

Given the low fertility scenario, the projections are made and India’s fertility rate is expected to fall from 1.76 births per woman to 1.39 in 2032, 1.28 in 2052, 1.2 in 2082 and 1. 19 in 2100, the report added.

“There is a sharp downward trend in India and visible to the world as a whole. As countries get richer, fertility rates seem to fall to levels that are consistent, not with a constant population, but actually with a declining population,” India Today quoted the Stanford study as saying.

While India, China and the US may experience a population decline, African countries could become the epicenter of global growth in the second half of this century.

Countries such as Congo, Egypt, Ethiopia and Nigeria, in particular, are showing an upward trend in population numbers, and this can identify new growth opportunities for the region.

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