‘Indigo didn’t serve my crying kid,’ complains passenger: Twitter responds

An Indigo passenger recently complained that the airline’s crew refused food to his 6-year-old child simply because they were supposed to serve the corporate customer first. The child continued to cry the whole time.

The passenger Dr. OBGYN later took to Twitter to express his plight. He wrote: “The wonderful IndiGo6E experience: My six-year-old was hungry. Asked the cabin crew to give her all the food available and willing to pay for it.”

He further claimed that even after asking them for the same thing several times, the cabin crew insisted they were expected to serve the corporate customer first.

“My daughter kept crying all through the flight, but they (the cabin crew) didn’t serve her food,” he added.

Following the complaint, the airlines said: “Sir, we understand what you must have been through. I hope she is okay now. We will certainly look into it and will contact you at your registered number tomorrow during business hours.”

Social media reacted mixed to the tweet. While some also criticized the airline, others felt that the parents should have brought food for the child.

One said: Surprised. Indigo is wrong. What are you as a parent. You had many options. pre-book with airline. Bring some cookies for your own child. We always do. My child is my responsibility, not the whole world’s.

See, that’s the business model of low-cost airlines. You literally just pay the ticket and nothing else. I’m fine with having to pay for food and water during the flight, but refusing to say they’ll serve corporate customers first while a child is starving is heartbreaking, another passenger said.

No, this tweet is not about the money. It is about attitude and common sense of some of the staff. Or the lack thereof. Furthermore, it could be this tendency to take corners everywhere, added another follower

Indigo under DGCA scanner for inappropriate handling of passengers

The airline came under the DGCA scanner last month after a harrowing experience from a special needs adolescent and his parents when IndiGo airline staff denied them boarding due to a “risk to other passengers.” The airline later apologized for the incident and also offered the CEO to buy a wheelchair for the specially disabled child

In the meantime, the competent authority in DGCA has imposed a fine of 5 lakh on Indigo in the case. The Civil Aviation Authority has also issued guidelines for airlines regarding passengers with special disabilities. The draft rules issued by the DGCA last month read: “Airlines will not refuse the carriage of persons on the basis of disability.”

“However, if an airline determines that the health of such passenger may deteriorate during the flight, the said passenger shall be examined by a doctor who shall categorically indicate the medical condition and whether the passenger is fit to fly or not. After obtaining the medical advice, the airline will answer the right call,” it said.

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