Inside Pooja Hegde’s Travel Diaries. Current Stop: New York City

In the travel diaries of Pooja Hegde.  Current stop: New York City

Pooja Hegde shared this photo. (thanks to: hegdepooja)

New Delhi:

We are in love with Pooja Hegde’s vacation mode. The actress has added another page to her travel diaries. Current stop: New York. Pooja has shared some beautiful pictures of herself from the city. And we are possessed by those enchanting glances. Excuse us, Pooja, in a figure-hugging printed dress, is a sight to behold. Basically, the actress gives us a girl next door vibe. In the first photo, Pooja is sitting on the stairs outside a building. Then she decides to take a walk through the streets of NYC. Caption? She simply wrote, “New York…New York”. Enough said, now, without wasting a millisecond, let’s take a look at the photos:

Wondering what was the last destination in Pooja Hegde’s itinerary? Answer: Washington DC. The actress announced it on social media with a few snappy photos. According to Pooja, she is a ‘tree hugger’.

Pooja Hegde and holidays are a match made in heaven. Don’t believe us? A look at her Instagram timeline will prove us right. Before leaving for the US, the actress took some time for a family trip to London. Pooja also shared a series of crazy photos with her father from Stonehenge. Pooja changed the name of the place in her caption and wrote “The StoneHegdes”. The hashtags read: “why are we like this?” and “only madmen.”

Were you Pooja Hegde a softy lover? And even in the United Kingdom, the actress did not miss the enjoyment of this ice cream. “Softies have my heart,” said Pooja alongside cute snaps of herself with a softy.

Fans of Pooja Hegde, in case you didn’t already know, take note: the actress is obsessed with architecture. “Me with architecture and design = a child in a candy store”, Pooja confessed.

Pooja Hegde is all set to return to Bollywood with Rohit Shetty’s circus next to Ranveer Singh.

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