Internet sensation Hero Alom arrested by Bangladesh Police, made to ‘apologise’ for singing

While most singers are known for their melodious voices, a Bangladeshi singer-actor became famous for the exact opposite: his lack of musical talent.

Hero Alom, who became famous on the internet for his out-of-tune songs, recently claimed that he had been arrested by police in Bangladesh and asked to stop singing.

Speaking to the AFP on Wednesday, Alom said he was “mentally tortured” by the police and that he must sign an “apology” for performing classical songs by Rabindranath Tagore and Kazi Nazrul Islam, Bangladesh’s national poet. He added that police had asked him to drop his nickname ‘Hero’, a claim the police have rejected.

“The police picked me up at six and held me there for eight hours. They asked me why I sing songs by Rabindra and Nazrul,” said the 37-year-old.

In response to the allegations, Dhaka’s chief detective Harun ur Rashid said Alom had been arrested for wearing the police uniform in his videos without proper permission. The chief detective added that they had also received several complaints against Alom for his take on old classic songs. “We have received many complaints against him. (He) completely changed the (traditional) style (of singing)… He assured us that he will not repeat this,” Harun told AFP.

After being released from prison, Alom made a new song showing that he was imprisoned and waiting to be hanged.

Meanwhile, news of Alom’s arrest has prompted many of his fans to support him on social media.

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