IVECO joins the poles with Plant the Future project

​The “Plant the Future” project, launched by IVECO in July 2021 in collaboration with reforestation organizations, confirms its commitment to actively contribute to a sustainable future

​The “Plant the Future” project, launched by IVECO in July 2021 in collaboration with reforestation organizations, confirms its commitment to actively contribute to a sustainable future.

As a pioneer in alternative propulsion, IVECO offers a wide range of low-carbon2 emissions vehicles, including the groundbreaking IVECO S-WAY truck which offers a turnkey solution for decarbonisation when powered by biomethane. The company’s commitment to sustainability doesn’t stop there, as IVECO invests in a range of projects to reduce emissions and improve the environment, such as the “Plant the Future” program, which aims to increase green space on our planet. .

The project has already been successfully implemented in Italy, Poland and Germany, and in just a year since its launch, the CO2 the savings from the IVECO S-WAY gas trucks sold in these markets and the trees planted and donated to the customers with the delivery potential of the vehicles have exceeded 45,000 tons/year.
the CO2 saved is equal to the amount absorbed by more than 3 million trees in a year.

“If all these trees were planted in a row 7 meters apart, they would form a line stretching from the South Pole to the North Pole,” says Giandomenico Fioretti. “If you can imagine that, you immediately have an idea of ​​how big a difference we can make by spreading the use of natural gas and especially bio-CNG/LNG in the transport sector. Our zero-carbon goal is really within our reach!”.

IVECO now plans to extend the “Plant the Future” project to other European countries to create a virtuous circle that will continue in the future.

As a driving force in the energy transition of the transportation industry, IVECO is very active in raising awareness of the key role natural gas technology and biomethane should play on the sector’s path to zero carbon. Today, an IVECO S-WAY CNG/LNG truck powered by biomethane can already achieve a 95% CO2 reduction and with certain raw materials it is even possible to achieve negative emissions with a reduction of up to 121%, as demonstrated by a recent industry study conducted by the Italian National Research Council (Cnr).

IVECO contributes directly to the industry’s decarbonisation path by offering customers a vehicle capable of reducing their company’s carbon footprint without sacrificing performance and mission coverage compared to conventional diesel powertrains.

To take sustainability to the next level, IVECO is investing in targeted initiatives such as the IVECO Ambassadors program, which gives a voice to customers and partners who share their vision of social and environmental sustainability, and the Plant the Future project, which responds to the brand’s commitment to CO2 reduction.

“Due to the positive impact on CO . to share2 reductions we have achieved through our ‘Plant the Future’ initiative and our products, we want to strengthen our commitment to sustainability, recognizing the key role of natural gas technology and biomethane in decarbonising transportation,” said Giandomenico Fioretti, IVECO Head of Alternative propulsion business development.”IVECO is a natural gas technology pioneer with over 20 years of experience in decarbonising logistics operations. Our IVECO S-WAY CNG/LNG, when powered with biomethane, is the turnkey solution without compromise compared to diesel, IVECO aims to be the most reliable partner that enables our customers to run their business efficiently and profitably with our sustainable and intelligent mobility solutions.”

Plant the Future: IVECO’s international forest
In July 2021, IVECO partnered with reforestation organizations to plant an international IVECO forest, consisting of tree planting projects in different countries.

In ItalyIVECO has partnered with the e-commerce platform Treedom to plant 300 trees – 30 in Italy, in the Basilicata region and the rest in other parts of the world. In this country, the project is linked to IVECO ambassadors for sustainability, with 50 trees planted in the IVECO forest dedicated to Biogas Wipptal and 50 to GLS Italy.

In Polandthe brand has partnered with Ecobal, a forest conservation organization, to plant 5,000 tree seedlings on a 5 ha site to increase the area’s biodiversity and offset the CO2 emissions. IVECO staff and Ecobal planted seedlings of species selected by the Dwukoły Forestry to preserve the biodiversity in the area.

In GermanyIVECO plants a tree for every new IVECO S-WAY Natural Gas and used IVECO Stralis NP sold through the PLANT-MY-TREE® reforestation project to offset CO2 emissions. To date, it has planted 2,100 trees through the initiative.

In total, the IVECO forest now has over 7,000 trees and this number is expected to grow as the project expands to the UK and Scandinavian markets. In addition, IVECO Italy will expand its forest with a further 700 trees and plant a tree in Tanzania, Cameroon, Kenya, Nepal and Colombia for each IVECO Reman remanufactured engine.


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