Jewish Museum in Berlin Rebuts Vivek Agnihotri’s Claim of Organising ‘Humanity Tour’ Event

New Delhi: The Jewish Museum in Berlin has denied filmmaker Vivek Agnihotri’s claim that it has planned an event to “spread awareness about the problems of genocide and terrorism and how India’s principles of humanity” can solve them.

Agnihotri, the director of The Kashmir Filestweeted on May 26 about a “Humanity Tour” that would take him and his producer-actor wife Pallavi Joshi for a month to multiple locations abroad, including the museum.

However, when? The wire contacted the press service of the Jewish Museum (Stiftung Jüdisches Museum Berlin) for confirmation about the event, they said no event is planned with the filmmaker for their part.

“There is no event planned with Mr Agnihotri from our side, nor are we aware of an official visit to the museum,” an email read.

According to Agnihotri’s tweet, the ‘Humanity Tour’ would take place from May 28 to June 26, 2022. It was expected to be held in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands, including Nehru Center London, Fitzwilliam College Cambridge University, Oxford University, Leicester University, Birmingham Community, Parliament Of UK, Babylon Theater Berlin, Community Meet Berlin, Salzachlieder Frankfurt and Global Human Rights Defense, among others.

Details of the ‘Humanity Tour’. Photo: Twitter@vivekagnihotri

This is the second event on Agnihotri’s tour that did not take place, the first being at the Oxford Union at the University of Oxford.

On May 31, the event was “postponed” by the Oxford Union – the student-run debating society at Oxford University. Agnihotri then released a video message threatening to sue the Union. The event has been moved to July 1.

“It was all confirmed via emails but just a few hours before they said ‘Sorry we made a mistake, there was a double booking and we can’t get you today.’ And without even asking me, they changed the date to July 1, when there would be no more students, and there’s no point in holding an event,” he said in a video, referring to the action as ‘Hinduphobe’ and slammed the university. for “the oppression of the minority” of Hindus.

While announcing his tour, Agnihotri also made a statement saying he had been invited to speak at the University of Cambridge’s Fitzwilliam College, a claim the college has since denied, saying the event that took place was a “commercial booking”, and one that was not organized by Fitzwilliam College or Cambridge University.

The wire sent a text message to Agnihotri on Saturday, June 18, asking for comment on the Jewish Museum’s denial. The story will be updated if/when he responds.

A press conference at the Foreign Correspondents’ Club (FCC) in Delhi was also abruptly canceled prior to the tour.

The film was banned in Singapore, with Singaporean authorities saying, “The film will not receive a rating due to its provocative and one-sided portrayal of Muslims and depictions of Hindus persecuted in the ongoing conflict in Kashmir.”

The city-state said that under its film classification guidelines, “any material derogatory to racial or religious communities in Singapore” will be refused classification.

The Kashmir Files was briefly banned in the United Arab Emirates. However, the UAE authorities reversed their ban decision in late March and the film was released without cuts from April 7. The Times of India reported.

Agnihotri has claimed that there is an “international political conspiracy” against him and lashed out at Wikipedia, a free internet-based encyclopedia, for describing the film as “…showing a fictional storyline surrounding an exodus of Kashmiri Hindus” and that the “early 1990s exodus to be a genocide, an idea widely regarded as imprecise and associated with conspiracy theories.

The film has grossed more than Rs 300 crore at the international box office, and received a tax subsidy in several Indian states like Haryana, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh, Karnataka, Goa, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh and Uttarakhand. It was also actively promoted by the ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), with Prime Minister Narendra Modi himself endorsing the film. At least two states, Madhya Pradesh and Assam, have announced time off from work for government officials to watch the film.

Amit Malviya of the BJP, who is in charge of the information and technology cell, also tweeted in his favor, urging people to check it out.

During the cinema screening of the film, many young men made hate speeches against Muslims and called for violence.

The Wire’s research found that several of these ‘spontaneous’ calls to violence were made by people with histories of inciting anti-Muslim violence. Some had previously been arrested in connection with the August 2021 Jantar Mantar hate speech case, an event hosted by BJP leader Ashwini Upadhyay.

A leader of the far-right Hindu army, Sushil Tiwari, who was arrested in the Jantar Mantar hate speech case, is featured in a video warning Hindus after watching the film in Lucknow. “If Hindus don’t wake up now, what happened 30 years ago in Kashmir will be repeated across the country 15 years later,” he says.

Another man, Deepak Singh Hindu, also had an altercation with police after a hate speech after the movie in theaters – Hindu has not only been previously arrested in connection with the Jantar Mantar case, but had also called for a ‘religious war’ ‘ by the first day of the 2020 Delhi riots in the epicenter.

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