JLR news: JLR expects 60% of global Land Rover sales to be pure-electric by 2030

MUMBAI: With increased adoption, Jaguar Land Rover, the luxury carmaker of Tata Motors, expects 60% of Land Rover’s global sales to be pure electric by 2030.

Over the next four years, the company will introduce six all-electric variants in its flexible Modular Longitudinal Architecture (MLA) and Electric Modular Architecture (EMA). A pure electric Range Rover will also be introduced in 2024, the company said in its annual report.

JLR had announced its plans to become a net zero carbon company by 2039 and as such the company is focusing on its ‘Reimagine’ strategy. “We are accelerating our Reimagine transformation into a company that will deliver double-digit EBIT margins within five years and achieve net zero carbon emissions across our entire value chain, including our products, supply chain and operations by 2039,” the report said.

“By FY2025/26, we predict that approximately 27 percent of sales will be purely electric, reaching over 60 percent by the end of the decade,” the company said.

The company called the move to an electric future “integral” into its sustainability strategy and said Jaguar will now go through a complete renaissance to emerge as a pure electric modern luxury brand from 2025.

“Over the past 12 months, our Jaguar teams have decided to develop our own bespoke all-electric architecture for Jaguar,” said JLR.

In addition to product transformation, Jaguar is also creating a strong digital culture, efficiently integrating technologies and analytics, allowing the team to design a more rewarding emotional engagement between the brand and the customer.

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