KK’s son Nakul Krishna mourns his demise with a tearful note; ‘You always treated me like an equal while simultaneously protecting and shielding me’ | Hindi Movie News

The untimely demise of KK is certainly a shock to the entire nation. The late singer shared a close bond with his family. 3 weeks after his passing, his son Nakul, who is also a musician, shared some precious moments with his father and also wrote an emotional note.

He wrote: “It took me a while to come to terms with what happened three weeks ago. Even now the pain is physical, like I’m choking, like I have people standing on my chest. I wanted to say something, share something about my father, but I finally understood immobility in a state of shock.”

He also added: “I finally understand real pain, I am only now realizing the privilege you have given me, not the privilege of a comfortable life, I have always known I was blessed in that regard. The greatest privilege I’ve ever had was the chance to see you every day.”

Nakul even shared how his father loved the fans who followed him and how blessed he was to see him every day. “So many people just wanted to see you once, to be in your presence once, half an embrace would make them tremble. And here we were, every moment awash and awash with your love. I got to see your perspective on everything; how you treated people, how passionate you were about everything you did, especially singing. How generous you kept. Focusing only on the positives and completely ignoring the negatives.”

On a closing letter, he wrote: “You always treated me as an equal while protecting and shielding me at the same time. You treated me like an adult in conversation, but called to check on me as soon as I left the house. You trusted me completely, what happened.” also happened I decided to let me be myself, listen to me and change your mind based on what I told you, to be the open-minded forward-thinking person you were People told me about their relationships with their fathers and I found always be something strange.”

He also added: “It took me a very long time to realize that our relationship was the outlier. You set the bar really high, as a father, but above all as a friend. A fierce force of nature … mesmerizing on the stage and a magnanimous, selfless, cuddly cartoon at home who constantly jokes and plays. The abyss left in your wake, not only in our hearts, but in the hearts of millions, is a testament to your genius. A bright short sparkle that burned too brightly too soon. That impossible line, where the waves converge, where they return. The place where you and I may meet again…”

KK died on May 31, suffering a massive cardiac arrest after performing at an event in Kolkata.

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