Latest Windows 11 upgrade rolled out; check benefit

The Windows 11 feature will clean up your cluttered taskbar so that you can quickly find any app. Here’s how.

Is your Windows 11 taskbar looking a mess? Then this upgrade is for you! Windows 11 brings this extremely useful new feature that keeps all your apps more organized. That means you don’t have to worry about finding that particular app you need most quickly and very quickly. Windows confirmed the new feature in its latest blog, “We’re reintroducing taskbar overflow, with a redesigned experience for Windows 11.”

Currently, Windows 11 and Windows 10 users can only access the recently opened or used tabs in the taskbar in a sequence. This can be time consuming as it makes the task difficult to find a specific app especially if you have too many open apps. To end the battle for you, Microsoft is testing a new taskbar overflow feature through the Dev Channel under the Windows Insider Program. It’s now easier for you to find the apps you want no matter how many apps are flooding your taskbar. It will be possible through a feature that puts the uncustomized apps in a three-dot submenu.

Windows 11 Taskbar Overflow Features Save Time

Windows Insider said in a blog post, “This taskbar experience has been carefully designed to give you a more productive switching and booting experience when space is limited. Your taskbar will automatically transition to this new overflow state when it reaches its maximum capacity.” It further explained the feature that the overflow menu currently has various features such as supporting pinned apps, jumplist and expanded user interface. And this overflow menu disappears as soon as you go outside the menu or navigate to an application. Well, you can open it again by clicking on the three dots you can access the full list of open apps at once.

However, it’s worth noting that this feature is being tested in the Insider Program and may not be available to the general public anytime soon. Microsoft may well introduce this time-saving feature to all users in the major Windows 11 update this fall.

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