Lightyear welcomes Koenigsegg as partner and investor

The joint collaboration leverages the knowledge base of both innovative car manufacturers

Koenigsegg, a mega-car manufacturer and supplier of advanced mobility technology, has invested in Lightyear, the Netherlands-based high-tech company developing the world’s first solar vehicle. The investment is part of a wider technology-sharing partnership in which the two automakers will share proprietary and proprietary information. The exchange of knowledge should enable the development of ultra-efficient vehicles and the commitment to jointly develop new automotive technologies.

Lightyear is known for developing the Lightyear 0, the world’s first solar car, which was launched on June 9, 2022 and will go into production this fall. Lightyear 0 features five square meters of patented, double-curved solar panels, allowing the vehicle to recharge itself while commuting or simply parked outside. In optimal conditions, this allows Lightyear 0 to power itself with 70 kilometers of range per day on top of the estimated WLTP range of 625 kilometers.

Koenigsegg’s technologies will be applied to further improve the energy efficiency of Lightyear’s second model, Lightyear 2, which is expected to enter production in late 2024 or early 2025.

“Koenigsegg is at the top of the food chain for high-performance sports cars. I have always admired their combination of incredible performance, design and sustainable technology – this collaboration shows that we are clearly on the right track,” said Lex Hoefsloot, co-founder and CEO of Lightyear. “I am incredibly excited to benefit from decades of experience designing and building ambitious cars, and look forward to working closely with Christian and his team to drive real change in the industry together.”

Pushing boundaries and breaking records: Koenigsegg Megacars

While Koenigsegg is best known for its ultimate performance megacars, he has a long history of developing and commercializing sustainable mobility technologies. Since its inception, Koenigsegg’s uncompromising philosophy has been the driving force behind the company’s patented innovations such as the “rocket” catalytic converter, the supercharger response system and a variable geometry turbo system.

“The automotive industry is undergoing a huge transition to sustainable fuel and technology,” said Christian Koenigsegg, CEO and founder of Koenigsegg. “Lex and his team have developed transformative technologies and this partnership with Lightyear will ensure our products stay on the cutting edge, which is great news for our customers.”

SOURCE: light year

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