Love and Thunder Clip Teases Dangers of Christian Bale’s Gorr

Marvel Studios’ second movie of the year, Thor: Love and Thunder, is approaching release date and will bring a star-studded cast into the MCU story. With A-list heroes like Chris Hemsworth and Natalie Portman’s Thors taking on Christian Bale’s terrifying Gorr the God Butcher, the stage is set for something truly epic across the galaxy.

Bale’s introduction to the MCU has been highly acclaimed since it was first announced, especially after he made such an impact playing Batman in Christopher Nolan’s dark knight trilogy. Now he has already made an impact on his castmates and fellow professionals in love and thunderwith director Taika Waititi describing him as the best villain in any Marvel Studios movie to date.

The second full trailer for Thor 4 gave fans the first look at Bale’s Gorr as he teased his mission to take out all the gods and showed just a hint of just how powerful he really is. As the sequel draws closer to its July 8 release date, Marvel has shared new imagery that will give fans more of an idea of ​​what to expect from this terrifying antagonist.

Thor & Jane Shine in Love & Thunder Clips

During an interview on Jimmy Kimmel Live!Thor: Love and Thunder star Tessa Thompson shared the film’s first full-length clips ahead of its worldwide release on July 8. In the first clip, Thor, Jane Foster, Valkyrie and Korg talk about Christian Bale’s Gorr the God Butcher and the danger he poses to the universe.

Thor and Valkyrie discuss how Gorr “moves through shadows” and is on his way to the Shadow Realm, which takes away all color from around anyone who goes there. This prompts Jane to try “bring the rainbow” as she shows off her newfound powers as Thor.

While the quartet debates what to do with Gorr, they decide to go to a place that… “Almighty City,” that’s where Russell Crowe’s Zeus and the other Greek gods reside.

Thor: Love and Thunder clip
Marvel Studios

A second clip shows Thor and Korg talking about Jane as his ex-girlfriend and reminiscing about her being “the one that got away” as they yearn for the reassembled Mjolnir. Thor subtly tries to recall the hammer to him as it is in Jane’s hand, but Stormbreaker comes to him instead.

Both clips can be seen below:

Gorr’s Power teased for MCU debut

While Gorr doesn’t actually appear in this clip, at this point in the film, Thor and his team are certain of his existence as they come together in what looks like New Asgard.

The biggest reveal here is learning more about where Gorr thrives in the Shadow Realm, which is probably the black and white dimension fans saw at the end of the first highlight. love and thunder trailer. It looks like this realm could play a big part in Gorr’s character development, and could be somewhere that serves as the stage for more than one major battle before the movie comes to a close.

It’s also entertaining to watch Jane Foster’s newfound power as the goddess of thunder, seemingly ready to use her newfound powers in an instant to help save the world. While Valkyrie notes that she hasn’t quite mastered the job yet, she seems to be on the right track, as she works quite proficiently with the reconstituted Mjolnir.

On top of that clip, the second offers more of director Taika Waititi’s classic humor as his Korg and Thor discuss his relationship with Jane. Seeing Thor try to recall Mjolnir is sure to get a laugh, and based on the clip released a few weeks ago where Thor calls the hammer to him like a pet, that relationship will be one to remember too. follow.

With the sequel premiering just a few weeks away and the world premiere even earlier, this new adventure is almost palpable in the larger MCU.

Thor: Love and Thunder will hit theaters on July 8.

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