Major order: 25 new Setra touring coaches for Scherer Reisen

Scherer Reisen Omnibus Gesellschaft mbH strengthens its Setra fleet with 25 new vehicles

Scherer Reisen Omnibus Gesellschaft mbH is strengthening its Setra fleet with 25 new vehicles. After being awarded three route networks in the district of Birkenfeld, this family business from Rhineland-Palatinate in southwestern Germany has purchased 20 low-entry intercity buses type S 415 LE with approval for top speeds of 100 km/h. Mainly used on the “Wittlich-Idar Oberstein” express bus route and for the use of school buses, these Setra MultiClass vehicles have 47 seats on board – significantly more than the 30 seats required by the local public transport association Rhein-Nahe-Nahverkehrsverbund (RNN).

The company, founded in 1973, has added five new Setra double-deckers to its fleet in addition to the intercity buses. The S 531 DT has 67 seats and two priority wheelchair spaces, as well as four club tables on the upper deck, and has a 1.10 meter wide single-wing rear door with a folding ramp. The coaches, which provide real-time journey and location data to the control center and RNN using GPS technology, are used on the express bus route “Idar-Oberstein – Trier”.

Scherer Reisen is run by the second generation of the family and operates more than 100 Setra vehicles. In addition to the regular route service, this company also offers round trips throughout Europe from Gemünden.

SOURCE: Daimler truck

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