Making Every Workout Count? Watch A Rhino’s (Not So) Casual Morning Jog

Make every workout count?  Watch A Rhino's (not so) casual morning jog

The video has been viewed over 41k times on Twitter.

Watching a wild animal roam through human settlements can be an unusual sight. But with their habitats shrinking due to multiple factors, animal-human encounters are not that rare these days. A video has been shared online showing a rhinoceros casually running down a street while onlookers watch.

In the clip, uploaded by Indian Forest Services (IFS) officer Susanta Nanda on Twitter, the huge animal runs on a road between houses and cars. Residents are seen and ensure a safe distance from the beast.

“When the human settlement strays into a rhinoceros habitat… Don’t confuse with Rhinoceros invading a city,” the officer wrote in the caption.

The video has over 41k views on Twitter and has also sparked debate about animal-human conflict.

Some wondered why urbanization is allowed near forests or animal habits that give rise to such conflicts.

Someone has suggested that animals and humans should learn to live together, because this is the only option.

Many tried to empathize with the gigantic creature and wondered how he must have felt in the concrete jungle.

“Feel very sad to see this. Poor fellow, where is the running for food?” another wrote.

For some, the video was quite fascinating.

This person was amazed to see the rhinoceros outside its natural habitat.

Some joked that the animal was just jogging.

Well, this isn’t the first time a video of a rhino walking down a street has surfaced online. Earlier, a rhinoceros was spotted on a nearly empty street in Nepal. The clip was shot in the area of ​​Chitwan National Park.

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