Malaika Arora recalls son Arhaan Khan ‘was howling on phone’ after her accident

Actor-model Malaika Arora is candid about her son Arhaan Khan’s reaction to her recent road accident. In a new interview, Malaika recalled that Arhaan was worried and in shock after her accident. She said he was “crying on the phone” and wanted to fly straight to India from the US. Malaika also revealed that although everyone assured him of her well-being, he refused to believe anyone. (Read also | Malaika Arora is all heart for son Arhaan Khan, as she calls him on video. See picture

Arhaan is the son of Malaika and her ex-husband Arbaaz Khan. He is currently enrolled at a university abroad. Malaika was injured after her SUV crashed near Khopoli on the Mumbai-Pune Expressway in April this year. She was admitted to a hospital. Malaika was traveling with her driver and bodyguard.

In an interview with Times of India, Malaika said: “I had just come back from seeing Arhaan. It had just been 48 hours and the incident happened. I was working in the US and he was on spring break. So we also spent a lot of time together. After my accident, he cried on the phone, and he was worried and ready to fly on to the next flight. What do you expect from a child in such a situation, especially if he is miles from home?”

“Everyone talked to him, but he wouldn’t believe anyone. His friends had called him and told him things. He had no idea the extent of the damage I had suffered. He just wanted to make sure I was okay.” Although he had been told all about my surgery and recovery, he didn’t believe anyone. He thought everyone was just calming him down. Neither of us were at peace until we hadn’t spoken to each other. I knew he was aware of what had happened, and once I was off the anesthetic, I spoke to him and assured him I was okay. Life is so fragile and weird. One minute you’re bouncing and the next you can get so close to death,” she added.

Malaika met the accident shortly after returning to India from the US. She met Arhaan in New York and the mother-son duo took a walk through the streets. They also visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art.

After she recovered, Malaika shared a post on Instagram along with her photo. Part of the note read: “The past few days and the events that have happened have been pretty incredible. When I think back on it, it feels like a scene from a movie and not something that actually happened. I felt lucky. Immediately after the accident I felt as if I was enveloped in the care of so many guardian angels – be it my staff, the people who helped me get to the hospital, my family who stood by me through this ordeal and the wonderful hospital staff.”

She also added: “My doctors looked after my safety in the most caring way every step of the way. They made me feel safe and secure immediately and I am so grateful for that. And finally, of course, the love that came out of my mouth friends, family, my team and my Insta family were so comforting.”

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