Man Plays ‘Pasoori’ On Rabab In Viral Video, Internet Amazed

Man plays 'Pasoori' on Rabab in viral video, internet stunned

Mr Malik is a musician and award winning Kashmiri Rabab player.

The craze of ‘Pasoori’ is far from over. There are several videos on social media where people can watch the famous song sing and make the instrumental version of it. These videos won millions of hearts all over the internet.

And now a Kashmiri artist has released another instrumental version of the song on a Kashmiri Rabab. It shows that the craze of the song is not over yet.

The viral video was shared three days ago by Sufiyan Malik on Instagram with the caption: “Played the all-time favorite “Pasoori” on Rabab.”

The video has amassed over 1.7 lakh views and over 10,000 likes so far.

Mr Malik is a musician and an award winning Kashmiri Rabab player, according to his Instagram bio.

Users have flooded the comment section with their lovely comments praising the artist.

“Masha’Allah thanks for this,” commented one user.

“Please make it a ringtone,” added another.

When ‘Pasoori’, sung by Pakistani musicians Ali Sethi and Shae Gill, aired on Coke Studio’s Season 14 in February, it caused ripples in the music world. Several Instagram users have since shared great videos with the track. Others have also shared recordings of themselves humming the upbeat song.

Last month, a Dutch singer won hearts on the internet by singing the catchy song with great enthusiasm and enthusiasm. Emma Heesters, who is known for creating covers of popular Indian songs, shared Pasoori’s cover on social media, which people apparently loved. The clip shows Mrs. Heesters energetically performing the lively song and covering it with the perfect rhythm.

The hugely popular song combines folk sounds with popular music.

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