Man Was Clicking Photos When A Bear Saw Him. This Happened Next

A man spots a bear while clicking photos at Waskesiu Lake, in Saskatchewan, Canada.

A video has gone viral on social media showing a man escaping a bear that saw him in a forest. According to the video’s description text, the incident took place in Canada when the man was clicking photos.

Curtis Matwishyn captured the terrifying encounter on camera from which he escaped using a bear spray. The man used the spray to keep the animal from getting closer to him.

The video was shared by ViralHog on YouTube. The incident took place on June 1 at Lake Waskesiu, in Saskatchewan, according to the post.

“I was photographing a bear from a safe distance when it sensed smell and saw me. Normally I’m used to black bears running away when they see a person, but this bear was behaving strangely. He came up to me and followed even after I stood my ground, yelled and waved my arms. Luckily I had bear spray and prepared myself to use it if the bear charged at me,” the man said, according to the video’s description.

“I started slowly and safely back to my car and after he followed me for a few minutes I decided to start filming. The bear kept following me and got closer and closer. When I was in a good position with the wind on my back and the bear that got close to me I sprayed it with the bear spray. Luckily the bear spray worked as intended and sent the bear away,” he continued.

The video has been viewed more than 12,500 times.

The way he handled the situation while shooting a video was praised by users in the comment section.

One user wrote: “Took that really well dude. Nice calm demeanor, and a little bit of spray to end the encounter. Good job.”

While another said: “This was a perfect execution of avoiding an encounter with a bear. This bear was probably a juvenile curious or seeking territorial dominance.”

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