Marc Cucurella deal off again, on again, off again … on again, alongside Levi Colwill?

There are many days in a transfer window. But there are not many days like Wednesday. There aren’t many days when a Premier League club feels compelled to issue an official statement denying the latest of the biggest transfer rumours.

Marc Cucurella may be another Chelsea player, and maybe soon, but the delay was worth it because of the Twitter drama alone.

So, where are we after a rather eventful 24 hours?

Chelsea’s £52.5million bid, which was submitted on Tuesday night, appears to be good. It has met Brighton’s asking price, unlike Manchester City’s recent efforts, and the Seagulls seem to have let all concerned know, presumably leading to some premature reporting of the deal’s full agreement and completion.

With personal terms already agreed, the transfer remains on track for a speedy completion. Medical treatments and the like remain planned, according to the Telegraph.

So what’s the hold up?

That part apparently has to do with one Levi Colwill, who seems to be going the other way. Officially, he’s not part of the Cucurella deal, but by all the practicalities, he appears to be: as in, Brighton is unwilling to sign the Cucurella deal in full until the Colwill deal is closed. Fair enough I guess, but also a bit on the paranoid side. (And also a great example of why trade-in deals are so rare in football, with so many moving parts and variables and ways things can go wrong.)

Colwill’s transfer would reportedly be worth around £20-25 million, with a buyback clause also twice as high. Down with the feudal army, with the repurchase army!

Wondering what Thursday will bring…

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