Mercedes relies on tires from Continental for all-electric EQB

Mercedes has opted for premium products from Continental to equip its new all-electric SUV in the EQ family. The new EQB comes off the tire on EcoContact 6 tires in 19 inches. Mercedes also offers a very safe Continental winter tire ex works: the WinterContact TS 850 P.

The EcoContact 6 summer tire is characterized not only by its excellent energy efficiency, but also by its superior road holding and braking performance. Continental has reduced the rolling resistance of the EcoContact 6 by 15 percent compared to the previous model. The specially developed rubber compound minimizes friction when the tire is in contact with the road surface, so that the tire absorbs less energy and thus reduces rolling resistance. The EcoContact 6 recently showed its energy efficiency as part of the summer tire test organized by the German trade magazine Auto Zeitung (issue 6/22), in which it beat nine other tires from European, Asian and American manufacturers in a rolling resistance test. In addition, the tire offers excellent cornering stability even at high speeds. The tread profile continuously adapts to the road surface, which extends the life of the tyre.

Mercedes EQB customers can also choose matching winter tires with their order. Continental offers the WinterContact TS 850 P here. The tread of this tire line has numerous longitudinal blocks and sipes, which provide improved traction and short braking distances on snow and wet surfaces.

Continental tires with run-flat technology for continuous safe driving

The WinterContact TS 850 P for the Mercedes EQB is equipped as standard with Continental run-flat technology, which is optionally also available for the EcoContact 6. In the event of tire damage, it prevents the sidewall from getting stuck between the road and the rim, causing the tire to slip. Drivers can drive up to 80 kilometers in this way to reach a workshop.

Car manufacturers around the world rely on Continental as a leading tire supplier. In Europe, almost one in three cars with Continental tires roll off the production line. Continental supplies factory tires to seven of the ten most successful electric vehicle manufacturers in the world.

SOURCE: Continental

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