Milind Soman reveals his secret to fitness with just 10-15 mins of daily workout

Model, actor and producer Milind Soman is often regarded as one of the strongest people in the entertainment industry, and is certainly not one that people would consider lazy. However, Milind recently confessed that he is quite lazy and has to fight it every day to keep fit. Read also| Milind Soman reacts to FIR against Ranveer Singh

Milind will compete in a 5km run at Jawaharlal Nehru Stadium in Delhi on Sunday, July 31. The run, titled Lifelong Fight Lazy Run, is part of his “Fight Lazy” movement in which he urges people to fight their lazy selves and push themselves to be their strongest versions. After a successful run in Mumbai, Milind plans to run alongside the people of Delhi and plans to run a run in Bengaluru as well.

Milind spoke to Hindustan Times about his ‘Fight Lazy’ movement and claimed that he is also lazy like everyone else. He said, “Everyone has a thing for laziness. The reason I started it is because it’s hard for people to imagine I’m lazy, and I tell people I’m really, really lazy. The reason I like being fit is me I’m lazy this part of us that makes the excuses Like ‘I don’t like waking up early’ which is my excuse I hate waking up early When I’m running I run at 10 a.m. The biggest thing the pandemic has taught us is that people with underlying health conditions are more at risk, so you need to start taking care of your health, not just physically but mentally. And if you do that , the first thing to do is to stop making excuses.”

Milind also said that, contrary to what it may seem, he doesn’t follow an extensive workout regimen and almost never goes to the gym. He said, “The idea of ​​Fight Lazy is that everyone is lazy, including Milind Soman. He fights it every day, you can fight every day too. And the second thing is, to pick an exercise to start with, who don’t hate you…I exercise for 10 or 15 minutes every day and people think I’m really fit I don’t go to the gym I’ve never been to the gym as a routine to workout That’s what we want that people understand that it’s not difficult and that you can do things to make it fun.” The model also recalled how when he cycled from Baroda to Delhi – 1000 km in 6 days, waking up in the morning instead of cycling was the biggest challenge for him.

Milind revealed that not only does he exercise for just 10-15 minutes a day, but he doesn’t impose many dietary restrictions on himself. He said, “I don’t have cheat days because I don’t have any restrictions. I don’t have a diet. I eat everything. Whatever you put in front of me, everything. I focus on a few things, sometimes like I need a lot of vegetables and a lot fruit, but I eat everything else. I eat sweets, chocolates, pastries, pizza, burgers, everything.”

Milin spares no opportunity to encourage his fans to be fit, so much so that he started asking them to do push-ups in exchange for selfies. However, the actor revealed that he was surprised when people answered the question, as he had a different intention in mind when he started the move.

He said: “The reason I started it about seven or eight years ago was when this selfie craze started. Everyone wanted to have a selfie, and even today it’s like crazy. And I don’t like taking pictures. unless I get paid I was like I don’t want to say no It’s not nice to say no especially when people like you So I say if you want a picture with me you should do something for yourself first and this experience has more meaning Do 10 push ups for girls, minimum 20 for boys For me it becomes more fun because I see someone doing push ups and I am very happy, and I am happy to be on the For them it’s an experience. If they can do it easily, they feel really good about it. If they can’t do it easily, they’re going to think ‘shit, I should be able to do this, but I can’t “Maybe I should start.” I thought everyone would say no so I don’t have to take selfies Surprisingly almost 95 to 98% of people say yes Wherever they are be it an airport, train station or highway, they do it, whatever I’m happy with it.”

Milind will next appear on screen in Season 3 of the Amazon Prime Video series Four More Shots Please. He was recently featured in the music video of Akasa and Aastha Gill’s Shringaar, which marked his first appearance in a music video since Alisha Chinai’s 1995 song Made In India. However, Milind explained that he doesn’t consider it a comeback as he shared why there was such a long gap between the two videos.

He said: “It was just a music video. It all depends on who asks. I’m not a singer, I’m just a prop. In the intervening years, pop took a different path. Hip-hop and rapping came together. There were many male singers. So I don’t think they would have wanted me in their videos At least I don’t think they did, so they didn’t call me And then these two girls wanted me in their video, and I found it song I liked and I liked their first song Naagin and I thought ok why not At first I was a bit surprised because it’s a bit unusual to have someone my age with gray hair and a beard in a music video which should be about seduction. So I was a little surprised but happy. It was a great experience.” Read also| Aastha Gill Reveals Akasa Is A ‘Hardcore Fan’ Of Milind Soman

Milin has emerged as a fitness icon in recent years, but he has been fit all his life. He started swimming at the age of 6 and represented both Maharashtra and India in competitions. Asked about his opinion on the wide recognition he has received in recent years, he said: “I have been fit all my life, since I was a child. I was always fit, but the recognition of that fitness came after the age of 50. Around that time people became more aware of what fitness is, that they have to make an effort to get fit, and that even if you’re 40 or 50 you can still get fit, so then they saw me on that moment time and said ‘oh Milind Soman is still fit and he is 50 years old.’ So then it became a thing. It wasn’t like I got fit all of a sudden. People suddenly started attaching importance to fitness.”

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