Minecraft 1.19: 5 best farm ideas

Minecraft is a resource management game at its core. There are dozens of different resources that players can collect and create, including but not limited to the following:

So players are always looking for potential resources. Fortunately, Minecraft’s resources are renewable and buildable, from more useless materials like rotten flesh to the game’s best materials like iron, gunpowder, emeralds, and totems of immortality.

5) Wither Farm

The Wither is one of the hardest mobs to defeat in the entire game. With the ability to fly, restore health, and launch explosive skulls that can destroy blocks, an unprepared player is sure to fall for the Wither.

The Wither is an agricultural enemy, luckily for players who want easy access to either withered roses or lower stars for beacons. These farms usually use the portal back to the overworld in the end and then stuffing entities to quickly defeat the Wither. These farms can be more difficult to make due to the amount of redstone it takes to fit into a small area.

4) Raid Farm

Raids were an addition to Minecraft from the 1.14 Village and Pillage update. This happens when a player enters the borders of a village with the Bad Omen effect. Players must fight against waves of illagers trying to attack the village.

These raids allow players to acquire large amounts of Immortal and Emerald totems, both useful items. Totems of immortality to avoid death in combat and emeralds to create powerful beacons or trade with villagers.

Raid farms allow players to experience these raids in total AFK ways, collecting massive amounts of immortal and emerald totems in short periods of time.

These farms use a single villager counting as a village to launch a raid. It’s just a small platform on which mobs can potentially spawn before being forced into a long parachute, where they’re killed by a combination of fall damage and entity buildup.

3) Enderman XP Farm

XP farms are essential for a good survival world. This allows players to quickly gain XP, which is needed to enchant items such as tools and armor. It repairs all items that have the restorative enchantment, converting XP to durability in next to no time. Enderman drops a lot of XP and spawns in significant numbers at the end, making them a great choice for a farm.

Enderman XP farms are late-stage Minecraft XP farms that can be created after the ender dragon has been defeated at least once. These farms take advantage of the void of the ending to force everyone to spawn on a single platform. In the center is a hanging endermite that the endermen will try to attack before falling into a hole. The drop leaves them with half a heart for players to kill.

2) Iron Farm

Iron is a precious resource. Players can use iron to craft armor, buckets, cauldrons, funnels, pressure plates, crossbows, minecarts, pistons, and shields. This means that having large amounts of iron is vital for building other farms and for players to properly defend themselves.

Fortunately, Minecraft iron farms are pretty simple. The one found in the video above uses three panicked villagers around a central zombie to spawn iron golems in running water on the roof of the fire. The water will push this golem into a chamber that will use lava to kill the golem and funnels to collect the iron and poppies and take them to the output chests.

1) Witch Farm

Witches have a lot of good drops. The full list of possible drops includes sticks, glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, redstone, spider eyes, and sugar. These drops are useful for redstone construction, firecrackers, and potion brewing, making witch farms a great way to support many of Minecraft’s most interesting and powerful features.

The farmhouse shown in the video above is a simple and simple design. Three small spawning platforms are occasionally washed away by water released by opening trapdoors with a redstone clock. The witches are then pushed into another stream of water and fed into a single block filled with minecarts, causing them to die due to a build-up of entities.

The farm speed is about 2500 items per hour, which isn’t the most efficient witch farm in Minecraft, but efficient enough for how easy it is to build.

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