Move only 1 matchstick to get largest possible number in 10 secs!

Move only 1 match to get the largest number possible in 10 seconds: This brain teaser is for those who like to solve analytic puzzles and games. are brain teasers especially a trickier version of riddles and puzzles as these brain games are solved with lateral thinking. While solving these, you need to analyze a little differently and out-of-the-box. To arrive at the solution, you have to use a creative mind, because the answer is not right in front of you. That’s why we came up with an interesting brain teaser where you only need to move 1 match to get the largest possible number in the image.

Do you know who Marvel’s first superhero was?

Can you move just 1 match to get the largest number possible in 10 seconds?


In the image above, you need to move one stick so that the equation becomes correct. An alert mind can solve this puzzle within 10 seconds. You need to carefully analyze the number and position of matches in the picture. As a warning, the answers to this brain teaser are given directly below the question, so make sure not to scroll too far and cheat!

Tip: Identify the largest possible three-digit number

brainteaser answer

In this brain puzzle you have to move 1 match of any number to generate the highest possible three digit number. The largest possible three digit number starts with 9. Three numbers can be formed with 9 in the beginning – 900 or 906 or 909.


So the answer is 909. The largest possible number obtained by moving just 1 match is 909.

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By using lateral thinking, you can deduce answers in such brain teasers. This riddle was tricky but simple as it takes less time and brain power to solve. But it sure feels great when you know the answer in seconds.

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