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WARNING: This article contains spoilers for: Mrs. Marvel episode 3.

Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 reveals the origin of Kamala Khan’s MCU superhero, and subtle Easter eggs connect it to Phase 4’s overarching story. In the comics, Ms. Marvel an Inhuman – a teenager whose Inhuman gene was activated when she was exposed to the Terrigen Mists, activating her powers. The MCU has taken a very different approach, rewriting Ms. Marvel’s powers and her entire origin story, essentially ignoring the Inhumans.

Ms. Marvel’s new powers remain mysterious, but the actual origin story is finally described in Mrs. Marvel Episode 3. The explanation comes with high hopes for Kamala Khan as she is summoned to use her newfound powers on behalf of people she has just met – and Bruno warns her that, given his studies, there are huge risks in doing so . Unfortunately, it soon becomes apparent that Kamala’s new extended family aren’t people to say no to if they ruin Abu’s wedding.


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In the best superhero stories, secret identities often collide with a hero’s personal life, and Mrs. Marvel has wasted surprisingly little time exploring that trope. Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 is lore-heavy and avoids relying too much on the kind of MCU Easter eggs seen in Mrs. Marvel episode 1, and instead those included serve as references to the show’s connection to the MCU. Here are all the big Easter eggs.

Kamala Khan’s Clandestine Origin Revealed

Mrs. Marvel Clan Destine

Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 begins to reveal the truth about Kamala’s newfound powers. It seems that her great grandmother Aisha was a Djinn, one of a group known as Clandestines, Djinn exiles 100 years ago from another dimension. They possess the ability to manipulate an energy called Norwegian, although their ability to access this power in this dimension is limited; Kamala seems to be able to capitalize on it more, however, as she was born in this dimension and still inherited it Norwegian all the same. Mrs. Marvel’s mysterious bracelet is somehow connected to the Djinn, one of the two objects they sought to enable them to return to their home, the Norwegian dimension.

The Clandestine is a deep cut in Marvel Comics lore, though they’ve been switched slightly. In the comics, the members of Clan Destine are the super-powered children of Adam of Destine and Elalyth, a Djinn, and each has different abilities. They’re a little-known group that starred in a handful of comics in the ’90s, crossing paths with the X-Men in one Marvel miniseries in hopes of boosting them based on the mutants’ popularity at the time. Mrs. Marvel‘s Clan Destine appear to be original characters, although Aadam’s name is a nod to the originals.

Clan Destine is also known as “The Unseen”

Mrs. Marvel Discussion Clandestines

Apparently the clandestine have been known by many other names in the past – one of which is related to Marvel’s Watcher, the multiverse observer who tells the story of Marvel’s What If…? They are called the “unseen,a name claimed in the comics by creatures who could avoid the Watcher’s sight, acting without his knowledge. The other names are rooted in the real world;ajnabic” resources “foreigner, stranger, exotic, other,” while “majnoonrefers to someone who is considered mentally ill.

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Clan Destine is tied to the ten rings

Mrs. Marvel Ten Rings logo

A flashback to 1942 reveals the origin of Mrs. Marvel’s bracelet, with several members of Clandestine – including Aisha – discovering it in an ancient temple. They were actually looking for two bracelets, but the other is said to have been looted by the British at some point. The temple appears to be dedicated to the Ten Rings, the powerful group founded by Wenwu that operated in the shadows for centuries and was of particular importance in Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings† Wenwu had discovered other ancient artifacts of tremendous power, the fabled Ten Rings itself, and it appears he also possessed the two bracelets at one point. Marvel has claimed that rewriting Kamala Khan ties into the wider story being told in the MCU, and this could be an important clue to pointing out Kamala Khan’s place in the MCU.

Mrs. Marvel’s bracelet is tied to the Kree

Mrs. Marvel Blue Skin

Mrs. Marvel’s”braceletswere found worn by someone with blue skin – which probably means Clandestine found them on the severed hand of an alien Kree. It’s unclear why a Kree was at a Ten Rings temple, or why the hand was in the was cut off in the first place, but this probably indicates that the bracelets are Kree Nega-Bands, which in the comics have a link to the other-dimensional Negative Zone, and they were worn by the Kree hero Mar-Vell. connection should be seen as an important setup for the miraclesgiven Captain Marvel’s Kree ties.

Bruno Name Drops Dr. Erik Selvig

Erik Selvig teaches in the institution.

Mrs. Marvel In Episode 3, Bruno begins to explore the possibility of interdimensional travel, and calls Dr. Erik Selvig the name – an important supporting character in the Thor movies. This is more than just an Easter egg, because in a way Erik Selvig is the MCU’s true multiverse expert; he was last seen in Thor: The Dark World, which is already using terms that are now becoming fundamental to the MCU’s approach to the multiverse. According to Bruno, Dr. Selvig that it is indeed possible to travel between the dimensions – but you would need the base energy of the sun. amusing, Mrs. Marvel will be released shortly after Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, who introduced America Chavez – a character who can punch holes in spacetime, jumping between dimensions. It seems Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 shows how powerful America Chavez really is.

Mrs. Marvel’s “Power & Responsibility” Line

Mrs. Marvel Good

Mrs. Marvel in episode 3, Kamala gets wise advice from her imam; †Good is not something you are. It’s something you do.“This is a direct quote from Mrs. Marvel #5, where Kamala Khan reached the same realization as she prepared to adapt to save the day. It’s the Mrs. Marvel equivalent of “power and responsibility,” so it’s great to see it included in the MCU.

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Damage Control has cape killers

Mrs. Marvel Cape-Killer

Mrs. Marvel Episode 3 takes an unexpected turn, with Damage Control – introduced in the Episode 1 post-credits – joining the fray, taking out several members of Clandestine. This time, the field agents are joined by a tactical assault team, a riff on the “cape killersseen in the post-Civil War superhero comics. The original Cape-Killers were elite SHIELD agents trained to check the Super-Human Registration Act, and the MCU version clearly features advanced technology – suggesting Damage Control indeed repurposes technology as they acquire their missions.The rest of Clandestine will no doubt object to leaving some of their members in the hands of Damage Control, meaning Mrs. Marvel will likely pit the two groups of antagonists against each other. It will be exciting to see exactly what the Cape-Killers can do.

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