Naagin 6, 23rd July 2022, Written Update: Rishab calls off the deal

In today’s episode, the Chief and Vishal come to Rishab’s house in the morning and invite him to be the lead guest for the inauguration of the monument they are building after breaking the Naagmahal behind the Nilgiri Mountains . Rishab agrees. Pratha is worried about listening to him and Rajesh insists she retaliate, saying it’s a good time to get back. Pratha leaves. Divya asks him why he is pressuring Pratha since they are only here to help him. Rajesh tells that he knows what he is doing. Ritesh comes and asks Rishab for some army certificates. Rishab goes to get them and was shocked to see a medical report of Shakti from the year 2020 and wonder how it is possible since Shakti passed away a long time ago.

Ritesh comes and takes the files and goes. Later, Rishab comes and gets mesmerized at the sight of Pratha. Shakti makes a hole in the wall and looks at Pratha and thinks she is Deepika. They leave for the inauguration. When they reach the location, Mehek and Pratha worry about the Naagmahal. A few villagers stop them from entering and tell them that Shesh Naagin is staying in the Naagmahal. Rishabh laughs at them and asks them to move. They enter the building and Urvashi looks for her mother’s anklets in the drawer, but does not find them.

Pratha searches and finds it and assumes that Urvashi didn’t get it when she searched for it because she wouldn’t give her anklets to her. She promises to protect it. Later, snakes surround the crowd and Rishabh says they attack because they invade their house. He cancels the deal and says this building will not be demolished. Pratha is startled and wonders why it is so difficult to understand him. Next, Rajesh asks Pratha to make a fake marriage with him so that he can save his home and she can take revenge. She agrees.

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