New anti-racism strategy: Canada immigration may never be the same again

Canada is reviewing its anti-racism strategy in an effort to fight racism. This means that the immigration process in Canada will never be the same.

Acting Deputy Immigration Secretary Caroline Xavier said in a statement that the lives of Canadian citizens would be forever marked by injustices that could no longer be ignored. Xavier highlighted the “various effects of COVID-19, the wave of anti-Asian hate crimes during the pandemic, and the rising voices of indigenous, black, racialized and marginalized people in Canada who have revitalized the global movement against racism in the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd in the United States in May 2020″.

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A previous government statement said: “Racism is no longer an inviolable subject. We have actively encouraged courageous discussions about racism and reconciliation at all levels of the ministry, and have matured in talking about and addressing these issues. Many initiatives of the past year were aimed at a change in mentality.”

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However, as of July 2020, the Canadian Immigration Service has established an anti-racism task force to educate senior management and staff about anti-racism. Anti-Racism Strategy 1.0 was the name given to that tactic. Its purported purpose was to eliminate racism from Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) operations, management methods and policies.

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Incorporating equity targets into executive and executive performance agreements, setting higher workforce targets to increase representation of black, indigenous and racialized workers, and developing racial impact assessment and tools for identifying bias and frameworks for policy development, risk management and Operational decision-making is one of the most important achievements of the Canadian government’s Anti-Racism Strategy 1.0, according to the government. In addition, it has collected information on variety through annual customer surveys.

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Strategy 2.0, in effect until 2024, provides a broad framework that, compared to recent anti-racism measures by the Canadian government and the IRCC. It allows the authorities to refine their anti-racism work through a more concentrated effort. The goal is to create a system change model that includes specific actionable actions and a monitoring framework.

Meanwhile, according to social media critics of the IRCC, African students who apply to Canadian colleges and universities are being turned down study permits at a significantly higher rate than international students from other countries.

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