New Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 14 Speed Shock

06/20 Update below. This post was originally published on June 18th

For the first time in iPhone history, Apple is expected to give its new iPhones several generations of chipset. The differences between them were expected to be minor, but a new leak may have blown those suspicions away.

In a shock to the system, anonymous leaker iHacktu reports that Apple’s new A16 chip, which is exclusive to iPhone 14 Pro models, delivers seismic performance and battery gains over the 2021 A15 that will be retained for non-Pro models. And the findings have garnered support from one of the industry’s most respected insiders.

Breaking down the results, iHacktu says the A16 has 42% and 35% faster CPU and GPU performance, respectively, compared to its predecessor. Gains of this magnitude haven’t been seen since the iPhone 7’s A10 chip in 2016, which had 40% better CPU performance and 50% better GPU performance than the A9 in the iPhone 6S.

In addition, iHacktu claims major battery improvements with an additional 2 hours and 10 minutes of staying power and a jump in fast charging speeds, with iPhone 14 Pro models reaching a 50% charge in just 16 minutes. That’s half of the 30 minutes that Apple quotes for the iPhone 13 Pro.

Historically, iHacktu’s track record has been mixed, which should dampen expectations, but what really adds excitement here is the response from reliable industry insider ShrimpApplePro who supports the numbers. The leaker states that Apple gets the performance jump “mainly from LPDDR5 RAM, so that makes sense”.

Update 06/20: Speaking to iHacktu, the leaker revealed that his A16 performance data comes from “the initial stages of testing, which means it may vary”, but it’s from sources that have proven their accuracy over the years.

Interestingly, iHacktu has also revised its expectations of the A16 on Antutu’s popular benchmark software. Initially have Posted that the chip would achieve a score of 896,000 (vs 777,000 for the iPhone 13), the leaker states that it can deliver a score of 920,000 from launch.

Furthermore, iHacktu told me that there will be room in the chip with the iPhone 14 Pro Max potentially hitting 950,000 on Antutu with later versions of iOS 16. All of this paints a hugely exciting picture for upgraders willing to pay extra for Pro models. .

And this fits into a broader story, as several smaller leakers have broken out after posting information about the iPhone 14 lineup that contradicted details from other more established sources (hat tip for ShrimpApplePro† It was then the established sources that changed their tone. Whether that will happen with this A16 data remains to be seen, but with Apple act against leaks over the past year, the pattern makes a lot of sense as newer names sneak under the radar.

It’s a big jump. LPDDR5 is a whopping 1.5x faster with 30% lower power consumption than LPDDR4X, which was used in previous iPhones. The latter is also what leaks claim Apple will reuse in standard iPhone 14 models.

So if the claims are correct, Apple could be on the cusp of blowing fans’ expectations. Given the design improvements and exclusive camera upgrades on iPhone 14 Pro models, the company would also be making its most compelling upsell argument since the iPhone X debuted alongside the iPhone 8.

It’s starting to look like there’s going to be an even higher price to pay for ‘go-Pro’ this year, but based on what’s leaked so far, it may just turn out to be a price worth paying.

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