Nissan launching ‘sustainable’ project funding

Nissan Motor is launching a so-called “sustainable financing framework” to help fund future electric vehicles, batteries, environmental technology and new mobility services.

The proceeds from the Nissan Sustainable Finance Framework will also be used to support projects related to the use of renewable energy, clean production systems, charging infrastructure for electric vehicles, battery reuse and autonomous driving technology.

“The framework will make it possible” [us] to raise funds needed to further enhance its sustainability efforts,” the automaker said in a statement.

“This initiative underscores Nissan’s commitment to promoting sustainability.”

Nissan has published eligibility criteria for business areas and technology projects to receive revenue as part of an evaluation of the initiative by Sustainalytics, the independent research firm focused on the environment, society and governance (ESG).

According to Sustainalytics, Nissan’s framework is aligned with the Green Bond Principle 2021, Social Bond Principle 2021, Sustainability Bond Guideline 2021, Green Loan Principle 2021 and Social Loan Principle 2021.

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