No, Moeen Ali did not demand apology from India over remarks against Prophet Muhammad

In light of the BJP’s official spokesman’s recent comments about the Prophet Mohammed, which have been met with opposition from Arab countries, a social media post has alleged that English cricketer Moeen Ali tweeted that India should apologize for the blasphemous statements insulting the prophet Muhammad. widely shared. The post further alleges that the cricketer has threatened to boycott the IPL and would never visit India if India did not apologise. The post shares the screenshot of Moeen Ali’s alleged tweet. Let’s check the truth of the tweet through this article.

Claim: English cricketer Moeen Ali demands an apology from India for insulting the prophet Mohammed.

Fact: Moeen Ali has made no such statements regarding the BJP spokesman’s comments about the Prophet Muhammad. There are no news items about this. As for the viral tweet, it was created by a fan account operated on Moeen’s behalf. Hence the claim in the post is: FALSE.

England cricketer Moeen Ali has made no statements as claimed in the viral post, in light of the recent controversy.

The viral tweet attributed to Moeen Ali was actually created by a fan account account which is run on behalf of Moeen. In the bio section of this Twitter account, it is mentioned as ‘unofficial’ & ‘comment account’ of Moeen Ali.

Furthermore, we could not find any official/verified social media accounts of Moeen Ali. There are also no news items in this regard. If the cricketer had indeed made such statements, the media would have reported it, but we could not find any such news articles.

In summary, Moeen Ali did not demand an apology from India for comments made against the Prophet Muhammad.


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