No US visas for teams yet but CWI optimistic of resolution


Representative image: Players from both teams have yet to receive their US visas.

Representative image: Players from both teams have yet to receive their US visas. © Getty

The US visas for some members of the India and West Indies players have not yet arrived, but Cricket West Indies (CWI) has said it is optimistic about an early resolution on the matter. If approved by the US government, which the CWI says is likely, the teams will have to fly to Georgetown in Guyana to collect the travel documents. India and the West Indies will play two T20Is in Florida this weekend.

“I can’t say the issue is resolved until the visas are actually issued,” CWI chief Ricky Skerritt told Cricbuzz Monday (Aug. 1). “We are optimistic,” Skerritt added. The US Embassy is located in Georgetown, Guyana’s capital, and visas, if approved, must be collected there.

According to sources at Cricbuzz, the CWI, as host of the series, has activated its contacts in several governments of the Caribbean and the government of Guyana is facilitating the expediency of the visas with the US embassy.

As of going to press, the travel authorizations have not yet been received, but as Skerritt said, the CWI is confident. The same message has been conveyed to the various stakeholders of the series. As reported earlier on this website, the CWI has investigated alternatives in case the travel permits do not arrive on time.

India will play the final two T20Is of the five-game series against the West Indies on August 6 and 7 after two back-to-back games at Warner Park, Basseterre, St Kitts, on Monday and Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the start of the second T20I was delayed by three hours and the CWI said it regretted the inconvenience. “Due to circumstances beyond CWI’s control, there have been significant delays in the arrival of critical team baggage to St. Kitts from Trinidad. The CWI regrets any inconvenience caused to our valued fans, sponsors, broadcast partners and all other stakeholders.”

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