Norway Consul Elisabeth Ellingsen Filmed Saying “I Hate Russians”, Shown The Door By Moscow

Norwegian Consul Filmed Saying 'I Hate Russians' Shown At The Door By Moscow

The Norwegian diplomat was recorded insulting Russians at a hotel reception.


Moscow said on Thursday that a Norwegian consul can no longer stay in Russia after she was filmed at a hotel reception during an outburst of anger declaring “I hate Russians”.

“After what has happened, Elisabeth Ellingsen’s presence in Russia is impossible,” the foreign ministry said in a statement.

Earlier in the day, the Foreign Ministry summoned Norwegian Ambassador Rune Resaland to protest Ellingsen’s “insulting Russian-phobic comments”.

The Norwegian diplomat was recorded insulting Russians at a hotel reception in the Arctic city of Murmansk.

The video was posted last weekend by the Mash Telegram channel, which is known to be close to the Russian security services, and sparked outrage in the country.

“I hate Russians… Just give me a room… I’m used to cleaning rooms, I’m from Scandinavia,” Ellingsen was recorded in English.

Ellingsen’s outburst comes at a time of tensions between Russia and the West over Russia’s offensive in Ukraine, which has led to a series of European and US sanctions against Moscow.

Norway’s foreign ministry said it “deeply regrets” the incident last weekend.

“The sentiments expressed do not reflect Norwegian policies or attitudes towards Russia,” the foreign ministry said.

Moscow said Thursday it had taken note of the statement from the Norwegian Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

A spokeswoman for Norway’s foreign ministry, Guri Solberg, said on Thursday that the country’s ambassador had been informed that Moscow had revoked Ellingsen’s visa.

The ambassador reiterated that the consul’s statements “are not in line with Norwegian policy,” Solberg said, adding that Ellingsen was not currently in Russia.

Norway said in June it would temporarily close the consulate general in Murmansk.

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