Nothing Phone (1) shows off the evolution of the notification LED

Cryptic would be an understatement when describing Carl Pei’s Nothing. Until a week ago, the company was slowly building anticipation for its upcoming smartphone, the Phone (1), by trickling its audience and supporters, mostly small snippets of nothing† That all changed when Nothing decided to show off his smartphone party trick at an in-person event. Today we get to hear a little more about the phone and its LEDs, thanks to a new video posted by MKBHD.

The front of the Nothing Phone (1)

MKBHD got exclusive access to the Nothing Phone (1) and showed the front and back. While the front looks like your typical Android smartphone (albeit with equal edges), the back looks unique. The most unique feature of the phone is not the clear design on the back, but the LEDs. The phone uses just over 900 LEDs to create its unique pattern, the Glyph interface. There is a small C-shaped pattern that surrounds the camera and a larger C-shaped pattern that surrounds the wireless charging pad. There is also a shape that looks like an exclamation point towards the bottom and a dash in the top right corner.

The Glyph Interface is not only a beautiful light show and offers functionality. The LEDs pulse when you receive an incoming notification and may also illuminate when you begin wireless charging. The lights can also show the status of your charge, giving you a visual indication of how much battery is empty without having to turn on the screen. The LEDs do not stay lit and can be reactivated by wiggling the phone.

The Glyph interface has a set of ten ringtones that also provide synchronized LED patterns. Users can also associate light patterns with specific contacts. The customizations can even be done in apps, giving users an idea of ​​what kind of notification came in. While it may sound boring, this is important as it is considered to be the evolution of the notification LED. The Glyph interface can even be used as a fill light when taking photos or videos. Last but not least, there’s also a flashing red LED that shows people when you’re recording.

Lightbar of the Nothing Phone (1)

This is quite a concept, but one has to wonder how long the honeymoon period will last. It will be interesting to see how far Nothing can take this movement and to see how many remain for the journey. The company will hold an event on July 12. If you’re a little anxious and can’t wait a few weeks, you can always take your chance and bid on the first 100 handsets up for auction now. Be careful as it appears that the handset will not have worldwide support, with the company citing that it may not work completely or at all in North America. You can check Nothing’s website to confirm carrier compatibility.

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