On Camera, Angry Worker Destroys Luxury Homes With Digger After Getting Fired

On Camera, Angry Worker Destroys Luxury Homes With Digger After Being Fired

The video has amassed more than 272,000 views and more than 5,000 likes.

An angry man was recently filmed destroying a marina with a backhoe after apparently being fired by his employer. A video shared on social media showed the disgruntled ex-employee taking control of a backhoe and wrecking lake property in Calgary, Canada.

The footage was captured on camera by shocked bystanders before police arrived on the scene. The caption of the Twitter post read: “You can’t make this up. A disgruntled, fired marina employee near our lake house demolished and destroyed the entire marina with a backhoe.”

Watch the video below:

Since the video was shared, it has gone viral on the internet. It has accumulated more than 272,000 views and more than 5,000 likes. Several internet users shared their views in the comment section.

One user wrote: “Finally the working class is starting to rise.” Another jokingly wrote: “If you have information that will lead to the arrest of this person, no you don’t.” third added hilariously: “I heard he was a ten foot invisible ghost and also forty birds in a trench coat, you better call the tip line with this info.”

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Meanwhile, according to the Daily star, officers arrived on the scene and arrested a 59-year-old, who is confirmed to be a former employee on the property. The man has been charged with mischief for more than $3,906. The property owner, Geordie Newlands, reportedly said he was aware of the incident and confirmed that more than one building had been damaged.

Separately, talking to the local media outlet Calgary HeraldMr Newslands said: “Luckily no one got hurt, which is a good thing. It was almost surreal what happened. To make something like that happen… it’s like fiction.”

Mr Newslands called the incident shocking and estimated the repair costs could have been millions. The 59-year-old former employee must now appear in court at a later date, the outlet reports.

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