OnePlus 10T will feature superfast 150W charging in the US, but there is a catch

It only charges at 125W in regions with 110V outlets

Unlike Samsung and other Android manufacturers, OnePlus reveals the key features of its upcoming phones days ahead of their official unveiling. The OnePlus 10T is slated to launch on August 3, and the company has already revealed its design, confirmed it will lack the Alert Slider and Hasselblad tuning, and pack up to 16GB of RAM. Now, with only a few days to go before the launch event, the BBK-owned company has detailed another key OnePlus 10T feature: 150W super-fast wired charging.


Dubbed 150W SUPERVOOC Endurance Edition, it can fill the OnePlus 10T’s 4,800mAh battery from 0-100% in just 19 minutes. The bad news is that the charging technology only works with 220v or higher outlets. That means if you live in Europe, India and other countries where 220v is mainly used, you can take advantage of this feature. But if you live in the United States or a region that mainly uses 110-120v, the OnePlus 10T’s charging speed is limited to 125W. However, this is still fast enough to charge his cell to 100% in 20 minutes.

The good thing is that if you buy the North American variant of the OnePlus 10T and travel to Europe or any other Asian country, your phone will be charged at the full 150W speed. That’s in contrast to the US variant of the OnePlus 10 Pro, which didn’t support 80W SUPERVOOC charging – the charging speed was 65W.

Regardless of the country, OnePlus bundles a 160W SUPERVOOC power adapter and a compatible USB-C cable with the OnePlus 10T. The charger also supports the USB-PD protocol, although the output was not detailed. However, this means you can use the same brick to quickly charge your MacBook and other USB-C devices.

Despite delivering such a high amount of power to the battery in such a short time, OnePlus claims in its announcement that the 10T’s cell will retain at least 80% of its capacity after 1600 charge cycles. This is partly due to the company’s Battery Health Engine and Smart Charging Chip that keep heat and voltage in check, especially towards the last 10%, where the battery is trickle-charged to an accuracy of 100mA and 10mV.

For security reasons and to ensure you use genuine accessories, the OnePlus 10T features 128-bit encryption that only recognizes official SUPERVOOC chargers and cables. Only when using a compatible cable and charger will the phone charge at its full 150W speed.

At the moment, OnePlus itself has leaked and revealed almost everything about the 10T. The upcoming phone will be a “performance flagship” that will sit below the OnePlus 10 Pro. It is rumored to have a 6.7-inch 120Hz AMOLED display, up to 16GB of RAM and 512GB UFS 3.1 storage, a 4,800mAh battery and a 50MP primary shooter.

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