Pakistan prepares to play spoiler in India-Afghan ties again | World News

Unaware that India sent an official delegation to Kabul to resume bilateral ties with the ruling Taliban, Pakistan has decided to play a bummer by directing its diplomatic missions abroad to point out alleged contradictions between India and the Islamic Emirate.

According to diplomats in the US and EU, Islamabad has asked its diplomatic missions to focus on “anti-India narrative” by projecting New Delhi’s supply of trained forces from the Taliban regime as not really for India, rather Afghan National Army soldiers had trained to fight against the same Sunni Pashtun force.

It has also asked its mission to remind the Pak-friendly countries that in the past India had called the Taliban a proxy terrorist group of Pakistan and supported the former Afghan government. It wants its diplomats to make it clear that India always relies on non-ethnic Pashtun leaders to maintain its political influence in Afghanistan.

India has deep civilizational ties to Afghanistan and it is committed to supporting its people no matter who is in power. Although India had refused to send its troops to Afghanistan after 9/11 as part of a US-led coalition, it has been constantly involved in roads, electricity, dams and infrastructure projects in that country for decades.

On Thursday, India sent a Russian IL-76 heavy-lift plane loaded with humanitarian aid to the earthquake-stricken Afghanistan. While India has ties its people to Afghanistan, Pakistan is apparently trying to emphasize the following:

1) India is not a geographical or strategic ally of Afghanistan, hence its involvement with the Taliban is questionable

2) Indian policy makers continue to argue that there was no guarantee that Afghanistan would not become a terrorist haven again.

3) A large number of Afghans who had fled to India after the Taliban takeover are being deported from there and India was one of the first countries to close its missions in Kabul and consulate in Kandahar, Jalalabad and Mazar after the Taliban takeover of Kabul on August 15, 2021.

The Pakistani diplomatic missions have been asked to create a false story that New Delhi during the regime of India-friendly Afghan governments targeted and financed terror groups to carry out “subversive” activities against Pakistan, and the recent attempts to engage with the Taliban. going to sea are a ploy to revive ‘subversive’ activities in Afghanistan

The anti-India stories spun out by Pakistan aim to inject toxicity into New Delhi’s recently developed bilateral relations with Kabul.

Kabul: Smoke rises from Karte Parwan Gurdwara.
Kabul: Smoke rises from Karte Parwan Gurdwara.

Pakistani observers say it would come as no surprise if investigations into Karte Parwan gurdwara’s attack show that the terror attack had started across the Durand Line.

The ISKP, which has claimed responsibility for the Gurdwara attack on June 18, has more than 50 percent of its Pakistani cadre with umbilical cord links to Rawalpindi headquarters. It is quite clear that the June 5 statement by Taliban defense minister Mullah Yaqoob to send Afghan military training to India did not go down well with Islamabad. The India-Afghanistan bilateral agreement breaks Pakistan’s long-term plan to keep Afghanistan as a strategic space for the Pakistani military.

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