Panchatantra Kathalu Telugu Movie Review

    Panchatantra Kathalu Film Review

Publication date : July 29, 2022 Rating: 2.5/5

Starring: Noel, Nandhini Rai, Sai Ronak, Praneeta Patnaik, Nihal Kodhaty, Sadiya, Ajay Kathurvar & others

Director: Ganganamoni Shekar

Producer: D Madhu

Music director: Kamran

Cinematography : Ganganamoni Shekar, Vijay Bhaskar Saddala

Editor: Srinivas Varaganti

An anthology movie titled Panchatantra Kathalu starring Noel and Nandhini Rai in the lead role has hit the screens today. Let’s see how it is


As the title suggests, the film revolves around 5 stories that are completely unrelated. They include a story about a high-caste girl and a low-caste boy who love each other but were unable to marry because of community problems, a story of a woman who plunges into prostitution to care for her small child and whose life changes because of a traveler, a story of a selfish girl who abandons her boyfriend to marry a rich person to live a luxurious life, a love story between a dance academy owner and his secret admirer that happens via telephone conversations, a story of an old woman who wants to live on her own, but her children take turns taking care of her.


The writing is the biggest positive factor as they brought a lot of depth into each of the stories. The characters are well written and the creative team managed to explain their ideas very clearly for most of the stories.

For example, there is a sequence where the prostitute’s child closes the front door when his mother is doing her job. This entire episode is very disturbing and heartbreaking at the same time. The character arc of the prostitute role is well depicted.

The performances of the entire cast are good and do justice to the script. One of the episodes is very new. The tragic endings in a few stories are handled well and they are also hard to digest.

minus points

There are also certain drawbacks to this anthology. The most important would certainly be the pace. Each scene was lengthy and they were dragged unnecessarily for no reason that hinders the overall impact.

The director takes a very long time to capture each of the stories. There were few stories that were daring and they are not suitable for all segments of the audience. The drama in a few scenes doesn’t unfold well.

There are very few blocks that really have no meaning for the stories. Dialogues are flat and few are written in a very poetic way which makes them difficult to understand. The ending in the last story is abrupt and this story lacks clarity on what it actually emphasizes.

Technical aspects

The editing team underperformed because the sequences are way too long. If the editor had sharpened them, the movie would have been great. The music department disappoints. The background score also adds little value to the procedure.

As director Ganganamoni Shekar, he did a good job of telling the stories. But he could have done much better by projecting them in an engaging way. The characters are well presented and the writing team should be credited for that as well. The camera work is decent. The production values ​​are okay.


In general, Panchatantra Kathalu is good in parts. The director and writing team came up with good and rock-solid plot points that were supported by excellent performances. On the other hand, the editing team made the film look longer. The unwanted scenes, the slow pace and the lack of fascinating scenario also play a bummer in this film. You can check this out if you like hard hitting drama. Rating: 2.5/5

Reviewed by 123telugu Team

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