Paulo Câmara attacks with layoffs in the health areas in Serra Talhada

Published at 13:18 this Monday (20)

Less than 24 hours after signing an agreement with pre-candidate Marília Arraes, Deputy Sebastião Oliveira, pre-candidate for vice governor on the Solidarity Ticket, became the target of harsh persecution by Governor Paulo Câmara, with all appointees related to the Serra-Telhaden deputy. Even strategic health areas were not respected. The director of the XI Regional Health Management (Geres) Karla Millene, and the director of the hospital Agamenon Magalhães (Hospam), were fired for having links with Sebá. The government did not take into account the excellent work of the duo and fired both over the phone.

Next Monday (20) the report of the Lighthouse spoke to Millene, who confirmed the resignation but made it a point to thank the governor for his time in charge, but who must maintain his loyalty to Deputy Sebastião Oliveira. “I am Governor Paulo Camara, Dr. Andre Longo. satisfying[Secretário de Saúde], the whole team at the Ministry of Health, I learned a lot from everyone, but my cycle in government came to an end. As a technician, activist and defender of the SUS, I want to continue to contribute to improving the health of my sertão and my III Health Macroregion. Thank you all for the love,” said Karla Millene, amplifying:

“I can’t help but follow Sebastião Oliveira and Waldemar Oliveira, because I belong to their group and I am very proud to be part of this tireless team that is fighting for a Serra Talhada and for a better sertão, with more health and dignity for all sertanejos. Thank you so much to everyone who trusted my work.

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