Pics: Woman At 36 In Shoulder Drop Gown

Photos: 36-year-old woman in shoulder dress

The 36-year-old model turned actress Huma Qureshi is popular with Hindi films and nowadays also shows interest in appearing in the southern films.

She was already present in movies like ‘Valimai’ in Tamil.

Previously, she also appeared in Rajnikanth’s ‘Kaala’. She has yet to make an impact on the Telugu screen.

Freshly she released some photos while wearing a green colored shoulder dress showing off her broad shoulders.

The bracelet-sized earrings added to her glory and the way she stood confidently speaks to her attitude.

She is now waiting for the release of Monica, O My Darling, a Netflix Original and then with Double XL, Tarla and Pooja Meri Jaan.

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