Pictured: Bayern Munich target Sadio Mane completes his medical

This is not a huge update, as the transfer has in fact been confirmed for a few days, but Sadio Mane, the target of Bayern Munich, has arrived in Germany for his medical treatment. Reporter Florian Plettenberg, who was the first to cover the Mane story, saw the Liverpool star stepping out of a small private jet with his entourage.

Here’s Plettenberg’s video:

Note the special red Audi – Bayern always uses it to transport new acquisitions when they first arrive in Munich. It must be a clause in the sponsorship contract. Either way, the Audi was there to receive Mane on the tarmac. He is now going to Barmherzigen Brüder Hospital for the first part of his medical treatment.

With almost all the details of the transfer already confirmed, the actual medical treatment should be just a formality at this point. It would be followed by the signing of the contract and a photo shoot, where Mané will be pictured wearing the Bayern Munich jersey and his new jersey number – after all, the #10 he wears for Liverpool and the Senegalese NT is already in possession. of Leroy Sane at Bayern.

Don’t expect a formal announcement until tomorrow, unless some social media administrator gets itchy fingers and accidentally leaks the posts. We saw that happen during the Leroy Sane saga. The first fans can expect a glimpse of Mane in Bayern red as they prepare for the season next month. For example, I can’t wait!


The (first part) medical is over! Watch your first glimpse of Mane in a Bayern jersey in the video below.

Mane now heads to Sabener Strasse for the second part of his medical treatment. More photos and updates to come, so keep an eye out for this space!

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