PUBG: Battlegrounds New Map Deston Teased: To Bring New Vehicles, More

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PUBG Battlegrounds is all set to get a new map later this year, as revealed in a new trailer for Update 18.2. The map is called “Deston” and will feature exciting new elements such as skyscrapers and wetlands.

The teaser released prior to the trailer references various locations such as swamps, skyscrapers, and what sounds like new vehicles. The teaser image indicates that players will be able to drive in small boats across wetlands and engage in battles over water.

PUBG Battlegrounds has entered a new phase quite recently as it has become free to play, giving the game a whole new take on the game. With the benefits of a large audience also comes the pressure to maintain the said audience’s interest with mainstream content. The new map will likely serve as a great way to maintain the current player base and attract new gamers to PUBG Battlegrounds.

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PUBG Battlegrounds Drops Cryptic Hints For A New Map

The addition of skyscrapers to PUBG Battlegrounds will be a big change of pace for experienced players of the game. This is the game’s first experimentation with verticality and taller structures.

The effect will likely be combat variation and traversal as players will have to work more in terms of movement and placement during combat.

It will be interesting to see if the developers decide to change things up on the new map and offer players new ways to interact with the game world. While the game played an important role in starting the battle royale genre, it has suffered in recent times compared to its contemporaries such as Fortnite, Apex Legends, and Warzone.

The game continues to improve over time with quality updates and content drops, but it looks like the game needs a major overhaul. Perhaps a new map will provide a long-term solution to some of the issues in the game and help the game gain momentum.

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