Queen’s Guard Screams At Tourist Taking Photo, Her Family Says “Won’t Return To London”

Watch: Queen's guard yells at tourists taking photos, her family says she won't return to London

The tourist got too close to the horse of the queen’s guard.

Two video clips showing a Queen’s guard on horseback yelling at tourists in London have sparked controversy online. The incidents took place outside Buckingham Palace when the tourists – both women – posed for photos and got too close to the horse. The clips were first posted on TikTok and went viral on a massive scale. One of the women was the mother of TikTok user Ethan (who uses the username @_phigs), who vowed never to return to London. emphatically.

The first video shows a number of tourists taking a photo with the Royal Guard stationed outside Buckingham Palace in full uniform sitting on horseback. One of the tourists, in a pink top, tries to touch the horse while the gritty-faced guard stops.

At the same time, another woman in a white t-shirt gets too close to the horse and even tries to turn her head towards him with the reins.

“Get away from the Queen’s lifeguard, don’t touch the reins!” shouts the soldier suddenly, with the horse jumping forward too and then to the side.

The commando sent the woman away in shock, as can be seen in the video. This angered TikTok user Ethan, who according to emphaticallyposted on the platform: “We will never return to London after this incident.”

Another video, also posted on TikTok, shows another security guard yelling the same thing at a woman wearing sunglasses and a pink checkered top, news.com.au said in a report.

Both videos have been viewed millions of times and have sparked debate online. Many users criticized the guards’ reaction.

“There was no need to yell! He could have spoken in a less aggressive tone!” one Twitter user commented. “His sword was ready,” added another.

However, others said their actions were fully justified. “He’s a security guard, not sure what people expect will happen,” said one Twitter user. “She didn’t deserve to be touched. There are signs saying not to do it,” commented another.

Taking a photo with one of the Queen’s guards is part of the tradition of visiting London, but there are certain rules, such as no touching, that some tourists often ignore.

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